Receiver Only Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters Datasheets

Limitless™ WDRR Series Din-Rail Receiver, 3.0 dBi omni antenna with remote adhesive mounting with 9.8 ft cable, for use in all other approved countries -- WDRR1A03B0A
from Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things

The Limitless ™ WDRR wireless receiver accommodates up to 14 Limitless ™ digital inputs for applications that need more than one-input/one-receiver configuration. Combining inputs into one receiver rather than a one-to-one design can result in up to a 40 % savings. The WDRR provides a... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Transmission Distance: 305
  • Package Type: DIN-rail or screw mount design
  • Maximum Shock: 10
T24-AO Analog Output Modules
from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

The Wireless Analogue Output Modules provide a configurable analog output for a single T24 radio telemetry acquisition module. The output can be selected from the pre-calibrated voltage and current ranges of 0-10Volts, ±10Volts, 0-5Volts, ±5Volts, 0-20mA and 4-20mA (All current outputs... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Transmission Distance: 20 to 200
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Data Rate: 250
Multi-Process Wireless Telemetry System -- MPT900R
from Mil-Ram Technology, Inc.

Mil-Ram's Multi-Process Wireless Telemetry System utilizes 902-928MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum technology to link any field installed 4-20mA transmitter with new or existing control systems. The MPT900R Radio Receiver base station provides eight discrete channels for field data reception... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems; RF Microwave
  • Operating Frequency: 902 to 2400
Web Based Monitor Receiver -- UWTC-REC1
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

NEWPORT's new Wireless Thermocouple Connector Series features stand-alone, compact, battery powered thermocouple connectors that transmit their readings back to a host receiver up to 120 m (400') away. Each unit can be programmed in the field to work as a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N or C... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems
  • Operating Frequency: 2450 to 2490
from RS Components, Ltd.

The RFM110W/RFM117W are high performance, single-chip RF Transmitters. They are based on direct synthesis of the RF frequency. The RFM210W/RFM217W are low power, high performance, standalone RF Receivers. Working with the built-in sleep timer, it consumes less power. Embedded EEPROM. OOK (On/Off... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Sensitivity: -108
  • Operating Frequency: 433
  • RF Modulation: On-Off Keyed; OOK
Wireless Receiver -- RF Rx EN868-1
from steute

Wireless receiver RF [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 868
  • Package Type: Rack mount
  • Source Type: DC (Battery) Power
Digital Receiver -- EDR-09D1A-00
from Emhiser Research, Inc.

Emhiser Research, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of airborne and ground-based telemetry equipment designed specifically for harsh military applications. Our tested and proven products are qualified on numerous high profile defense programs. [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: Mounting Holes
  • Applications: Military / Defense
  • Operating Frequency: 1435 to 1540