Lamp Illuminators Datasheets

Illumination Sources -- 18742-ND [18742 from Luxo Corporation]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Illumination Type: Ring
10-Watt Precision-Aligned, Modular, Xenon Light Source -- PAX-10M
from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Precision-aligned modular Pulsed Xenon Lightsource with remote flash head – 10-Watt. Key features and benefits of the modular PAX-10M with remote flash head include: 10 Watts average power. Long life: >1.0 x 109 flashes. Spectral range: 120-2000+ nm. Ease of installation; convenient... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Voltage: 11 to 28
  • Wavelength: 190 to 2000
  • Illuminator Output: 10
Arc Lamp - metal halide lamp for MS24/MS48 light sources -- AL-1824
from by MEDIT

AL-1824 Arc Lamp assembly is a high-intensity metal-halide bulb that fits MS24 and MS48 metal halide light sources. [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
Controlled Lighting -- MM-1e
from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

The MM-1e Controlled Lighting provides three distinct spectral sources of illumination. This provides easy metamerism detection as well as precise visual color assessment and color comparison. This unit uses individual rocker switches for each source, rendering it very simple to operate. An elapsed... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Illumination Type: Backlight
254nm Wavelength Transilluminator Six 15 Watt Tubes -- 93-67
from Miles Scientific (Analtech)

These transilluminators are high performance units specially designed for fluorescence analysis, including TLC plates and electrophoresis gels. They are also well suited for DNA related research. The available transilluminators are compatible with Analtech's documentation & densitometry systems. [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Wavelength: 254
  • Illumination Type: Backlight
  • Illuminator Output: 15
Halogen Fiber Light Source -- CLS-H
from Qioptiq

Halogen cold-light technology from QIOPTIQ guarantees the highest quality and is ideal for use in science and industry, in applications such as quality assurance, endoscopy, microscopy, image processing, and more. With a comprehensive range of accessories, such as light guides and many others, CLS-H... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Color Temperature: 3100
  • Lifetime: 200 to 1500
  • Voltage: 100 to 240
Fluorescent Ring Illuminator -- TFLI
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

The TFLI Ring Illuminator is designed for Titan Stereo Microscopes; Models RX - II, TSZM - 6, FX - 3, FX - 4 and FX - 6. In all cases, they fit over the exterior of the supplemental Objective Lens. If the unit is being used without the add on objective, the Ring Adapter has to be purchased. They... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Color Temperature: 6500
  • Illumination Type: Ring
  • Voltage: 120
Spot UV Irradiation Systems
from Ushio America, Inc.

Used for bonding various optical components such as pickup lenses, assembly of various image sensors and medical equipment such as syringes, laminating of displays, and touch panels. FEATURES & BENEFITS. LED light source utilizes the technology of lamps. Stable irradiance by the sufficient... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Wavelength: 365 to 385
  • Illumination Type: Spot
Vision Lighting -- Tubular Fluorescent Lights
from Banner Engineering Corp.

Overview. Tubular fluoresent lights provide easy, affordable, flicker free illumination of large objects. Connects directly to PresencePLUS vision sensors or an external power supply. Illuminates large objects with flicker-free white fluorescent light. Available in models with 24V dc, 110V ac, 230V... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Lifetime: 10000 to 20000
  • Illumination Type: Backlight
  • Voltage: 12 to 277
FO150 -- FTIII 10005
from Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

FTI designs and manufactures a family of Light Sources specifically designed for fiber optic lighting. All are state-of-the-art, conforming with the latest CSA or ETL and CE certifications. Our Quartz Halogen light source models, valued for uniform output and inexpensive replacement lamp, and our... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Lifetime: 200
  • Illumination Type: Spot (optional feature); Ring (optional feature); Line (optional feature); Backlight (optional feature); Structured Light (optional feature)
  • Color Temperature: 3350
Lumatec UV Light Source -- UV-LIGHTSOURCE
from Gradient Lens Corporation

The Lumatec UV Light Source allows Hawkeye borescopes to be used in aeronautics, aerospace and automotive industries for fluorescence inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT). A liquid light guide (sold separately) is required. [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Lifetime: 1500
  • Illumination Type: Super Pressure Short Arc Mercury Lamp
  • Wavelength: 320 to 400
from Image Labs International

Array 100x100 mm, high output [See More]

  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode; Lamp
  • Wavelength: 880
  • Lifetime: 50000
  • Voltage: 24
Koehler Illuminator -- KI-120
from Labsphere, Inc.

For uniform illuminance, adjustable iris diaphragm [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Active Area Length: 0.5512
  • Illumination Type: Adjustable
  • Lifetime: 500
Miniature Light Source -- MS-24
from Optim LLC.

The MS-24 Miniature Light Source Kit is 4.5 ” x 3.3 ” in size and weighs a nominal 12 oz. The unit offers hi intensity white light with an adjustable light intensity shutter switch. The MS-24 operates at 12VDC; 4.0A. Lamp life for the unit is 500 hours. [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Lifetime: 500
  • Illumination Type: Spot
  • Color Temperature: 5500
Fluorescence Illumination System -- Lumen 200
from Prior Scientific, Inc.

Features: 2,000 hour life, 200 Watt metal arc lamp. Stabilized DC power supply for consistent illumination. Quiet operation suitable for laboratory use. Easy to view display screen for bulb life indication and alarm description. Adapters available for all modern research microscopes. Pre-aligned... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Illuminator Output: 200
  • Voltage: 240
  • Illuminator Features: Fiber Optic
Calibration Lamp -- SL2
from StellarNet, Inc.

Calibration lamp with Mercury and Argon gas emission lines from 253.65-1013.98nm. Portable operation from 9VDC battery and includes 5VDC wall power adapter. Used to perform wavelength calibration and demonstrate spectrometer resolution and operational range for UV/VIS/NIR/XNIR configurations [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Illuminator Features: Diffused; Fiber Optic
  • Wavelength: 254 to 1014
  • Intensity Control: Variable
Enhancer™ Model 14 -- Enhancer
from StockerYale, Inc.

High Light Output Enhancer for extra bright viewing, reduces eye fatigue [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Active Area Length: 6
  • Illumination Type: Line
  • Active Area Width: 7
from Unilux, Inc.

The Beacon now allows paper machine operators to see formation activity across the entire paper machine. The Beacon's powerful beam illuminates areas up to 5 meters away, so for the first time you can see formation activity across the entire wire, study dewatering process, nozzle sprays and felt and... [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Voltage: 90 to 250
  • Illumination Type: Spot
  • Illuminator Features: Strobe
from Unitron Ltd.

Unitron's illuminators for microscopes [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Illuminator Features: Diffused; Fiber Optic
  • Illumination Type: Backlight
  • Intensity Control: 1
Intralux® 2100
from Volpi Manufacturing USA, Inc.

Remote status indication, quick lamp exchange, voltage regulator switch [See More]

  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Voltage: 21
  • Illumination Type: Ring (optional feature); Line (optional feature); Backlight (optional feature)
  • Illuminator Output: 150