Titanium Heat Exchangers

YORK® Packaged Systems -- Industrial Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels
from Johnson Controls / FRICK / YORK PROCESS SYSTEMS

Our YORK ® Process Systems packaged heat exchangers and industrial pressure vessels are designed and manufactured with full integration of the operation of every critical unit. As your full performance partner, we offer shell and tube packaged heat exchangers that are easy to clean and include... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Copper or Copper Alloy; Steel; Titanium
  • Construction Features: Meets ASME Specifications
  • Application / Industry: Refrigeration
Welded Plate-and-Shell Heat Exchangers -- DuroShell
from Alfa Laval Inc.

Alfa Laval DuroShell is a specially engineered plate-and-shell heat exchanger ideal for demanding duties, such as high pressure, high temperature and corrosive applications. Incorporating many innovative features to optimize customers ’ process performance, it takes the plate-and-shell concept... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Steel; Titanium; Stainless Steel
  • Technology: Plate
  • Application / Industry: Corrosive, High Pressure And High Temperature
  • Type: Gasket
Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers -- GPX
from Bell & Gossett, a xylem brand

ldquo;GPX ” heat exchangers are of a gasketed plate pack design. Some features and benefits of this design are its small size, light weight and high efficiency in transferring heat with either large or small fluid temperature differences. Design produces high turbulence resulting in high heat... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Titanium; Stainless Steel
  • Technology: Plate; Air-Cooled
  • Application / Industry: Domestic water use.; Food or Beverage Processing; HVAC
  • Type: Gasket; No Fan / Convection
Metal Immersion Heat Exchanger -- Grid Series
from Process Technology

Designed for the high demands of corrosive chemical heating or cooling. FEATURES. Heavy wall, 20-gauge metal tubing available in steel, 316 stainless steel and titanium. Durable, low profile design. Every inch of coil surface is active exchange area. SPECIFICATIONS. 100 PSI working pressure (steam... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Steel; Titanium; Stainless Steel
  • Technology: ShellTube
  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Electronic or Power Supply Cooling; Alkaline Or Acid Solutions And Rinse Tanks
  • Type: Straight
Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger -- GC-Series - High NTU
from Tranter, Inc.

The SUPERCHANGER ® heat exchanger is designed to provide maximum efficiency in transferring heat from one liquid to another, or from steam to liquid. The SUPERCHANGER ® consists of a series of gasketed, embossed metal plates arranged alternately and bolted together between end frames to... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Titanium; Stainless Steel; Other
  • Technology: Plate
  • Application / Industry: Automotive / Vehicular; Chemical Processing; Food or Beverage Processing; HVAC; Hydraulic; Marine; Oil Heating / Cooling; Power Generation; Steam; Metal Production, Textiles Plants
  • Type: Gasket