DC Optocouplers

CR-S Series Interface Relays and Optocouplers -- CR-S Series
from ABB Electrification Products

The pluggable interface relays and optocouplers of the CR-S Range are used for electrical isolation, amplification and signal matching between the electronic controlling, e.g. PLC, iPC or field bus systems and the sensor / actuator level. The CR-S Range combines the flexibility of a modular system... [See More]

  • Input: AC; DC
  • Output: Phototransistor
  • Mounting Option: DIN Mounted
  • Isolation Voltage: 4000
Optoisolators - Logic Output -- 1080-1186-1-ND [6N137S(TA) from Everlight International Corp.]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Input: DC
  • Mounting Option: Surface Mount
  • Package Type: 8-SMD, Gull Wing
  • Forward Current: 50
MOS FET Relays -- G3VM-61G1(TR) [G3VM-61G1(TR) from Omron Electronic Components – Americas]
from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

4-PIN SOP MOS FET Relays. Load Voltages: 60V to 400V (AC or DC). Load Currents: 50mA to 400mA (AC or DC). Contact Forms: 1 Form A, 1 Form B. ON-Resistances (typ): 1 Ohm to 40 Ohms. OFF-State Capacitances (typ): 15pF to 130pF. Operating Times (max): 0.5ms to 3.0ms. Leakage Current (max): 10nA to... [See More]

  • Input: AC; DC
  • Mounting Option: Surface Mount
  • Package Type: TR
  • Forward Current: 50
1000150 [TLP127(U,F) from Toshiba Imaging Systems Division]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Opto-isolator,TLP127 2500Vac/50mA - Optocouplers, Photodetectors & Photointerrupters - Optocouplers [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Output: Photodarlington; Darlington
  • Mounting Option: Surface Mount; SOP
  • Isolation Voltage: 2500
High Voltage Opto-Coupler -- OC100G
from Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

10kV to 25kV Optocouplers. Available in a clear molded package, VMI ’s 10kV and 15kV version optocouplers are fabricated with two infrared LEDs. VMI ’s 25kV optocoupler, the OC250 is assembled in shell with enough isolation to allow it to be operated in air without the need for... [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Mounting Option: Axial Leaded
  • Package Type: Epoxy Molded
  • Emitter: LED
0.2 Amp Output Current IGBT Gate Drive Optocoupler -- HCPL-0302
from Broadcom Inc.

The HCPL-3020 and HCPL-0302 gate drive optocouplers consist of a GaAsP LED optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a power output stage. These optocouplers are ideally suited for driving power IGBTs and MOSFETs used in motor control inverter applications. The high operating voltage range of... [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Mounting Option: Surface Mount
  • Package Type: SO-8 Package
  • Lead Length: 0.0090
High Function -- PS9301L
from California Eastern Laboratories - CEL

IPM / IGBT Driver, PoE [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Mounting Option: Surface Mount
  • Package Type: 6pin SDIP
  • Emitter: GaAlAs LED
Photo-Coupler -- EL815
from IDEA, Inc.

Lead (Pb) free [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Lead Length: 0.2197
  • Mounting Option: Through Hole
  • Forward Current: 20
Miniature Phototransistor Hermetic Optocoupler -- IBS010
from Isobaud, Inc.

The IBS010 consists of a phototransistor optically coupled to an AlGaAs infrared-emitting diode in a leadless hermetic surface mount package. Features. Hermetic 4-pin LCC package. 1000Vdc isolation voltage. High CTR. Small package outline. High reliability and rugged construction. High reliability... [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Mounting Option: Flatpack
  • Package Type: Leadless Hermetic Surface Mount
  • Emitter: AlGaAs Infrared-Emitting Diode
Mii Optocoupler -- 2N24A
from Micropac Industries, Inc.

A Gallium Aluminum Arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared LED and a high gain N-P-N silicon phototransistor packaged in a hermetically sealed metal case. The 4N22A, 4N23A, and 4N24A differ from the 4N22, 4N23, and 4N24 only in that the collector of the transistor is isolated from the case. The 4N22A, 4N23A and... [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Mounting Option: Through Hole
  • Package Type: TO-5
  • Lead Length: 0.5000
MOS FET Relays -- G3VM-101PR
from Omron Electronic Components – Americas

Load Voltages: 20V to 100V (AC or DC). Load Currents: 100mA to 900mA (AC or DC). Contact Forms: 1 Form A. ON-Resistances: 0.18 Ohm to 15 Ohms. OFF-State Capacitances: 0.3pF to 30pF. Operating Times (max): 0.03ms to 0.5ms. Leakage Current (max): 20pA, 200pA, 1nA. SMT Package [See More]

  • Input: AC; DC
  • Forward Current: 50
  • Mounting Option: Surface Mount
  • Isolation Voltage: 500
Optocoupler, 521 Series
from Standex-Meder Electronics

521 Series Optocouplers for the galvanic separation of intrinsic safety circuits, Isolation voltage min. 6kVDC, CTR min. 0.5, cutoff 50kHZ. Insulation resistance input /output up to 10^13 Ω. Distance between input and output for highest safety requirements up to 24.5mm. Galvanic separation and... [See More]

  • Input: DC
  • Lead Length: 0.1969
  • Mounting Option: Through Hole
  • Output: Photodiode