Silicon Carbide Abrasive Belts

Belts - Surface Conditioning -- 49188
from Flexovit USA, Inc.

Delivers consistent and controlled abrasion at low surface temperatures and very resistant to clogging. Offers highly efficient removal with excellent finish. Can reduce the number of operations needed to obtain the desired finish. Heavy Duty - Ultra Fine. Silicon carbide grain, for ultra fine... [See More]

  • Type: Silicon Carbide
  • Width: 2.00
  • Belt Type: Bench, Pedestal or Backstand; Nonwoven
  • Length: 48.0
Abrasive Rolls & Strips For Metallographic Uses
from Precision Surfacing Solutions

In today's technologically advanced world, there are a growing number of applications where conventional machining techniques just aren't accurate enough to meet precision surfacing requirements. Precision surfacing with abrasive media, a technology developed and refined by Lapmaster International... [See More]

  • Type: Silicon Carbide
  • Width: 3.00 to 3.44
  • Belt Type: Bench, Pedestal or Backstand
  • Length: 900.0
3M 440D Coated Silicon Carbide Sanding Belt - P16 Grit - 50 in Width x 103 in Length - 27306 -- 051115-27306 [60440234361 from 3M]
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

3M coated 440D sanding belt uses silicon carbide as the abrasive material. 3M incorporates this silicon carbide material into the sanding belt forming a grit of P16. This particular 3M sanding belt is 50 in wide by 103 in long. [See More]

  • Type: Silicon Carbide
  • Width: 50.00
  • Belt Type: Nonwoven
  • Length: 103.0
Narrow Sanding Belts for Glass -- 981X
from Uneeda Enterprizes, Inc.

981X was designed for wet operations for heavy stock removal is required. Grain: Silicon Carbide. Backing: X Weight twillcloth. Bonding: Resin over Resin. Coating: Closed. Color: Blue. Grit Range: 40 - 320, 400 and 500. Waterproof [See More]

  • Type: Silicon Carbide
  • Backing: Cloth; X Weight twillcloth
  • Grit Size: 40 to 500