Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) Logic Gates Datasheets

TTL, GATE, STANDARD INPUT, TOTEM OUTPUT, DIP14 -- 54LS20J [54LS20J from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog]
from Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG

Karl Kruse  is a worldwide leading franchised distributor (ISO: 9001-2008 certified). A service provider specializing in the supply and material management of electronic components, since 1951. We are an innovative company who is dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to develop... [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • IC Package Type: DIP
1218446 [SN74ALS133N from Texas Instruments Standard Linear and Logic]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Advanced Low-Power Schottky Bipolar Logic. Operating Voltage 4.5 to 5.5. Compatibility: Input TTL, Output TTL. Logic Function = NAND. Mounting Type = Through Hole. Number of Elements = 1. Number of Inputs per Gate = 13. Package Type = PDIP. Pin Count = 16. Logic Family = ALS. Maximum Operating... [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Supply Voltage: 5.5 V
  • Gate Type: NAND
  • Inputs: 13
SN5400 Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Gates -- JM38510/00104BCA
from Texas Instruments

Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Gates 14-CDIP -55 to 125 [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Operating Temperature: -55 to 125
  • Gate Type: NAND
  • IC Package Type: Other; CDIP,CFP
2 INPUT POSITIVE OR GATE; 2 INPUT OR GATE; PDIP; 7 V; 0.1 MA; 2 V; 0.8 V -- 70146990
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Quadruple 2-Input Positive-OR Gate, PDIP Package Type, 5 V (NOM.) Supply Voltage. Dependable Texas instruments quality and reliability. These device contain four independent 2-input OR gates. [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Inputs: 2
  • Gate Type: OR
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70
DLA-Approved Logic Devices
from E2V Technologies (UK), Ltd.

Teledyne e2v ’s logic product offering includes many CMOS and bi-polar logic and programmable logic families. A majority of our logic functions are DLA approved and come in a variety of package types, including ceramic DIP, LCC and Flatpack. Qualification options are available up to... [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL (optional feature); FAST (optional feature); CMOS (optional feature); FCT (optional feature); Advanced CMOS (optional feature); BiCMOS (optional feature); ECL (optional feature)
  • IC Package Type: DIP (optional feature); Other (optional feature); DIP, LCC, FP
  • Gate Type: NOT (optional feature); Buffer/Driver (optional feature); AND (optional feature); NAND (optional feature); OR (optional feature); NOR (optional feature)
1014133 [NC7S04M5 from Fairchild Semiconductor]
from Farnell Europe

NC7S TINY, SMD, 7S04, SOT-23-5, 6V [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Supply Voltage: 6V
  • Gate Type: NOT
  • Inputs: 1
12-Input NAND Gate (3-State) -- 54S134/E,F
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

The 54S00/74S00 series of product is fabricated with a non-saturating Schottky clamped transistor technique. This family of TTL product consists of very high performance and high power devices. [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Supply Voltage: 7 V
  • Gate Type: NAND
  • Output Type: 3-State
Gate -- 5962-86872012A
from Rochester Electronics


  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Gate Type: NAND
  • Output Type: Open Collector
Gate -- 5962-8858901DB
from Sarnoff Corporation


  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Gate Type: NAND
  • Inputs: 4