Connectorized Oscillators

Oscillator Crystal -- CPRO33-30.720 [CPRO33-30.720 from Crystek Crystals Corporation]
from Richardson RFPD

Crystek ’s new PRO Series, Pocket Reference Oscillator is an industry first! A complete HCMOS crystal clock oscillator has been integrated in a rugged SMA housing. Simply connect +3.3Vdc to the female SMA side, and it will output a clean Low Jitter signal from the male SMA side. In effect,... [See More]

  • Package / Form Factor: Connectorized
  • Frequency Stability: 25
  • Frequency: 30.72
Coaxial Resonator Oscillator (Commercial) -- 8100
from Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Crane's Microwave Solutions offers a wide range of product solutions from component level devices to complex, advanced integrated microwave assemblies. • High stability, fixed frequency source. • 0.75 to 2.9 GHz frequency coverage. • Mechanical and electrical tuning options. Benefits. [See More]

  • Package / Form Factor: Connectorized
  • Frequency: 750 to 2900
  • Oscillator Type: Coaxial Resonator Oscillator
  • Output Power: 8
Voltage Controlled Oscillator -- EMO-04-158/178-01
from Emhiser Research, Inc.

The EVCO Series is designed for narrow-band (relative bandwidth < 40%) applications. The package outlines included in this series consist of surface and pin mount packages common to industry standards. Features: Low cost alternative. Superior mechanical stability. ROHS Compliant available. [See More]

  • Package / Form Factor: Connectorized
  • Frequency: 1550 to 1650
  • Oscillator Type: VCO
  • Phase Noise: -95
Remote Oscillators
from Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - The Vacuum Experts

Oscillators are an integral component for a deposition monitor system and serve to condition the signal from the sensor to the monitor. They are installed between the crystal sensor and the monitor and are supplied with BNC connectors on both ends to make the connections. [See More]

  • Package / Form Factor: Connectorized
  • Frequency: 4 to 6
  • Connectors: BNC
  • Operating Temperature: 10 to 40