Floor / Skid Water Jetting Equipment and Water Blasters Datasheets

JM-2512 Typhoon™ - Pipe Cleaner
from General Pipe Cleaners

The JM-2512 Typhoon ™ trailer jet is ideal for clearing big lines or remote jobs far from a water source. Twelve gallons of water pulsates down the line every minute at a powerful 2500 psi to blast lines clear of grease, sediment, and debris. The 200 gallon holding tank carries enough water to... [See More]

  • Mounting: Floor / Skid; Trailer / Vehicle; Portable Machine
  • Machine Components: Gun / Lance
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting; (CompleteSystem)
  • Operation: Drain Cleaning
from Cleaning Technologies Group

For fluids like water w/ rust inhibitor, plant coolants, aqueous cleaner [See More]

  • Mounting: Floor / Skid
  • Operation: Parts Washing; Cleaning / Surface Preparation
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting; Precision Blast / Micro-jet; (CompleteSystem)
  • Workpiece Material: Metal
Jetstream Waterjet Cutter -- JJ1250X1250
from Foremost Machinery Corp.

The latest generation of waterjet cutting tools are easy to program and use, in addition to their recognized benefits of speed, flexibility and precision. Water is forced through a tiny nozzle at extremely high pressures to cut through virtually any material, from foam to glass to stainless up to... [See More]

  • Mounting: Floor / Skid
  • Operation: Cutting / Sectioning
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting; (CompleteSystem); Garnet Abrasive
  • Workpiece Material: Metal; Plastic; Wood; Ceramic / Carbide; Glass; Concrete / Masonry
Diesel Powered Waterjet Intensifier Pump -- iP60-80DS
from Jet Edge

The iP60-80DS diesel-powered water jet pump is capable of producing up to 1.35 gpm (5.1 L/m) of ultra-high pressure water for mobile water jet cutting applications, and is especially suited for cold cutting in environments where heat and flames are restricted. Built with the contractor in mind, the... [See More]

  • Mounting: Floor / Skid; Portable Machine
  • Machine Components: Pressure Generator; Intensifier
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting
  • Operation: Cutting / Sectioning; Cleaning / Surface Preparation