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General Magnaplate Corporation
from General Magnaplate Corporation

General Magnaplate's surface-enhancement coatings have been engineered to provide metal parts and other substrates with corrosion and chemical resistance, super-hardness and dry lubrication. These coatings impart properties that ensure longer life spans and greater reliability, consequently reducing... [See More]

  • Company Information: General Magnaplate provides engineered coatings. They have facilities around the world and all North American plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Many coatings meet FDA, USDA, and AgriCanada standards, and federal and military spec requirements.
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2000; MIL-SPEC / MIL-STD; RoHS; FDA Compliant; ISO 9001:2008
  • Capabilities: Anodizing; Chemical Finish or Conversion; Hard Coating; Passivation
  • Services: Buffing / Polishing; Burn-off or Thermal Cleaning; Degreaser; New or OEM Parts; Immersion Cleaning; Stripping or Coating Removal; Ultrasonic Cleaning
Interplex Industries, Inc.
from Interplex Etch Logic, LLC

Interplex's computer-controlled anodizing system allows for rapid color matching in development and high quality consistent color repeatability in production. Interplex's state-of-the-art anodizing equipment can support the production of up to five colors at a time with an additional five colors... [See More]

  • Company Information: Interplex Industries offers one of the most comprehensive set of precision metal, plastic and assembly solutions to a variety of industries, providing turnkey design and manufacturing services to customers around the world.
  • Services: Buffing / Polishing; Degreaser; New or OEM Parts; Stripping or Coating Removal; Ultrasonic Cleaning; Spray Washing
  • Capabilities: Anodizing; Chemical Finish or Conversion; Electropolishing; Hard Coating; Passivation
  • Material: Aluminum; Stainless Steel; PVD,Vacuum Metalization