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Anodizing Services
from Miyaki USA, Inc.

Conventional hard anodic film is normally porous and low to moderate wear resistance, and there are more chances of abrasion and wear, caused by failure of lubrication in higher pressure, vibration, and friction areas. Kashima Coat with lubricating property and higher resistance characteristics was... [See More]

  • Company Information: It is a little known fact that the success of aluminum can be attributed to "surface treatment". At Miyaki, we take pride in carrying out surface treatments that suit the application of the aluminum to improve its superb characteristics and create new value.
  • Services: Buffing / Polishing; Corrosion Inhibitors; Degreaser; Inspection / Monitoring; Material Selection / Design Assistance; New or OEM Parts; Research & Development; Stripping or Coating Removal; Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Capabilities: Anodizing; Hard Coating; Slick Coating (Kashima-Coat)
  • Material: Aluminum
General Magnaplate Corporation
from General Magnaplate Corporation

General Magnaplate's surface-enhancement coatings have been engineered to provide metal parts and other substrates with corrosion and chemical resistance, super-hardness and dry lubrication. These coatings impart properties that ensure longer life spans and greater reliability, consequently reducing... [See More]

  • Company Information: General Magnaplate provides engineered coatings. They have facilities around the world and all North American plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Many coatings meet FDA, USDA, and AgriCanada standards, and federal and military spec requirements.
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2000; MIL-SPEC / MIL-STD; RoHS; FDA Compliant; ISO 9001:2008
  • Capabilities: Anodizing; Chemical Finish or Conversion; Hard Coating; Passivation
  • Services: Buffing / Polishing; Burn-off or Thermal Cleaning; Degreaser; New or OEM Parts; Immersion Cleaning; Stripping or Coating Removal; Ultrasonic Cleaning
Floturn, Inc.
from Floturn, Inc.

ANODIZING OVERVIEW. Floturn has immediate capacity available for all your anodizing needs, specializing in handling high-volume, long-run dedicated line projects. Rather than installing an anodizing system in your plant, save the capital and allow us to provide the solution. With over 40 years of... [See More]

  • Company Information: Floturn offers a sulfuric acid anodize process Type II (clear and color) on a number of different aluminum alloys. A PLC controlled process for precision and repeatability to remarkable specifications that can handle high volume dedicated line projects.
  • Certifications: TS 16949; MIL-SPEC / MIL-STD; OEM Specific; RoHS
  • Capabilities: Anodizing
  • Services: Buffing / Polishing; New or OEM Parts; Immersion Cleaning