Heat Treating Vacuum Furnaces Datasheets

Consarc Clamshell Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
from Inductotherm Group

Vacuum heat treatment is a well established practice in the aerospace (OEM and repair), land based turbines, automotive and tool industries. Controlled thermal processing of components is carried out in a vacuum environment to eliminate the deleterious effects of the charge reacting with the gases... [See More]

  • Application: Heat Treatment
  • Pressure Range: 145
  • Temperature Range: 1599 to 2199
  • Height: 510 to 1500
Hot Zones
from Plansee SE

Even at the highest temperatures, our hot zones don't feel the heat. They are designed for temperatures between 1 000 °C (1 832 °F) and 2800 °C (5072 °F). We are experts in the field of thermal processes: whether in high vacuum, protective gas atmospheres or during hot isostatic... [See More]

  • Application: Annealing; Brazing / Soldering; Firing / Sintering; Heat Treatment; Industrial
  • Temperature Range: 1000 to 2800
Vacuum Tube Furnace -- HVT 12/50/550
from Carbolite

Maximum operating temperatures of 1200 ºC. Carbolite HVT vacuum tube furnaces provide vacuum levels better than 1 x 10-5 mbar. These turn-key systems include two stage sliding vane rotary pump, water cooled oil diffusion pump, high vacuum baffle valve, roughing/backing valves, and Pirani and... [See More]

  • Application: Firing / Sintering; Heat Treatment; Laboratory; Crystal Growth/Doping/Powder Metallurgy
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: Low or Roughing Vacuum (> 1 torr); Low / Medium (HV < 1 torr, >10-3 torr); (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr)
  • Temperature Range: 0.0 to 1200
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 50