Disinfecting / Sanitizing Wipes and Wipers Datasheets

from DME Company

Pre-Moistened Hand Cleaning Towels. FAST WIPES ® are high strength, disposable hand cleaning towels. Each towel is impregnated with a special GOJO heavy duty hand cleaning formula that removes grease, grime and other soils in one fast, easy step while taking good care of your hands. FAST WIPES... [See More]

  • Features: Disinfectant; Terpene or Oil-based
  • Industry Applications: Degreasing; Hand Cleaning; Molding Applications
  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; Towel / Cleaning Cloth; Pre-saturated with Solvent or Cleaner
Hygienic Wipers
from Kimberly-Clark Professional

Hygienic Washcloths & Towels are strong, cloth-like disposables that are ideal for body cleansing and drying in healthcare environments. Professional Towels are strong enough to wipe off equipment, yet soft enough for personal use. Ideal for health clubs, mining/manufacturing and schools. [See More]

  • Features: Disinfectant
  • Industry Applications: Biotech, Pharmaceutical or Medical; Body Cleansing and Drying in Healthcare Environments.
  • Views / General Types: Towels, Shop Rags and Cleaning Cloths; Wipe or Swab; Rag / Used; Pre-saturated with Solvent or Cleaner