Dry Wipes and Wipers Datasheets

1223087 [7557 from Kimberly-Clark Professional]
from RS Components, Ltd.

These wipes for delicate tasks from Kimberly-Clark provide a range of high-performance wiper solutions, suitable for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. Ideal for: cleaning of delicate glassware, instruments and surface/parts, wiping liquids, with multi-ply absorbency and low lint content... [See More]

  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; No Solvent or Cleaner
  • Width / OD: 8.07
  • Length: 8.27
  • Industry Applications: Critical Cleaning; Multi-purpose Wipes
WYPALL™ L30 Wipers -- KCC05816 [KCC05816 from Kimberly-Clark Corporation]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

9 4/5" x 16 2/5"; White; Pop-Up Box [See More]

  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; All-Purpose Wipers; No Solvent or Cleaner
  • Industry Applications: Janitorial
Cleanroom Wipers
from Kimberly-Clark Professional

KIMTECH PURE* dry or pre-saturated wipers have been tested and certified to meet cleanroom performance standards. [See More]

  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; Towel / Cleaning Cloth; No Solvent or Cleaner (optional feature); Pre-saturated with Solvent or Cleaner (optional feature)
  • Industry Applications: Critical Cleaning
  • Material: Synthetic / Polyester
Clean Wipers - Dry -- 12" x 12"
from SDI

The dry version of Clean Wipes is 50/50 blend of strong polyester fibers hydroentangled with absorbent cellulosic fibers. It is absorbent, strong and ideal for general wiping. Also available in non-woven (lint-free). [See More]

  • Views / General Types: Wipe or Swab; No Solvent or Cleaner
  • Length: 12
  • Material: Paper / Cellulosic; Synthetic / Polyester
  • Width / OD: 12