Dust Proof Slip Rings

Custom Slip Ring Rotary Joints -- MIA
from Schleifring GmbH

Our MIA system enables the transmission of electrical power and signals as well as all common data buses. Simply chose between two basic building blocks (MIA 1 and MIA 2) and combine them with many optional components, e.g. powerful drive motors or a Gigabit Ethernet unit. The outcome is your... [See More]

  • Features: Has Electrical Connectors; Dual Signal Transfer; Dust Proof; Moisture Proof; Bi-Directional Rotation; Military Grade
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Slip Ring Design: Capsule
  • Total # of Circuits: 4 to 102
Waterproof Slip Ring -- ECN000-03P-IP68
from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

This is a waterproof slip ring for marine drilling platforms. IP protection grade is IP68, It can work under water reliably at 300 meters. It has two waterproof plugs and it is equipped with a metal dust cover. Housing material is stainless steel 316. The waterproof slip ring is specially developed... [See More]

  • Features: Dust Proof; Moisture Proof
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Slip Ring Design: Capsule
  • Speed: 0.0 to 50