Separate Slip Rings Datasheets

High Current Carbon Brush Slip Rings
from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Carbon brush slip ring is usually used for some circuits require high current for power using. It express some advantages like long life, easy maintenance. Although it is old traditional form for rotary joint, but it is also a good design solution for some certain high power application due to it is... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Speed: 0.0 to 10
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Maximum Voltage: 220 to 440
Custom Slip Rings
from Conductix-Wampfler

Do you need only a few special assemblies? Or even only one? We have a full complement of flexible machining centers and CNC lathes and mills to build your "one-off" custom ring. We control the machines with FeatureCAM CAD/CAM software allowing us to quickly progress from concept to manufacture. We... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate (optional feature); Capsule (optional feature)
  • Leads: Axial Leads (optional feature); Radial Leads (optional feature)
  • Configuration: Drum Type (optional feature); Pancake Type (optional feature)
  • Features: Has Electrical Connectors (optional feature); Through-hole Bore (optional feature)
Miniature Slip Ring Separate Assemblies -- AC2690
from Moog Inc. (formerly Moog Components Group)

Sometimes a self-contained “capsule ” slip ring is not practical due to system size constraints or cost limitations. We can provide the slip ring (rotor) and brush block (stator) as separate components to be mated by the customer in their system. The rotor is supplied in a drum... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Total # of Circuits: 1 to 10
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Maximum Current: 1
10 Amp Standard Slip Ring Separates -- 2451-00
from Electro-Miniatures Corporation

Circuit quantity - tabulated up to 40 circuits. Graduated inner bores. Rated 5-10 amps per circuit. [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Maximum Voltage: 750
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Maximum Current: 10
Separate Rotor and Brush Block Slip Ring Assemblies -- 0.5 Inch Bore
from Fabricast, Inc.

Current: 5 amp standard. 10 amp optional. Voltage: Up to 60 volts standard. Up to 1000 volts optional. (easily modified by increased ring to ring spacing upon request). Rings: Solid Coin Silver Rings. Brushes: Silver Graphite. Fabricast Grade FAG180 (80%AG-20%C). 5 amp capacity with 2 brushes per... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Total # of Circuits: 2 to 24
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Maximum Voltage: 60 to 1000
Slip Ring Assembly -- SK5
from HBM

SK5, SK6 and SK12 slip-ring assemblies transfer measurement signals from rotating electrical transducers to stationary measuring systems.The wide range of application allows measurement signals and any necessary power supply to be transferred for inductive and ohmic transducers, strain gage... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Total # of Circuits: 5
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Speed: 6000
Slip Ring -- SR-3300
from MTC Industries & Research Carmiel Ltd.

The SR-3300, a high accuracy 60-channel Slip-Ring, was especially designed for high quality current and signal transmission under harsh environmental conditions, when a large number of circuits in a compact design isneeded. The outstanding raw materials used for the SR-3300 endow it with extended... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Total # of Circuits: 60
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Speed: 190
SR001 Slip Ring -- 31051-0104-000
from Rotary Systems, Inc.

Rotary Systems offers a standard range of Separates for customer built assemblies with their own bearing arrangement or applications where a fully enclosed Capsule or Package Unit is impractical. Our range of Separates is flexible enough to offer a solution for any application, capable of... [See More]

  • Slip Ring Design: Separate
  • Total # of Circuits: 4
  • Configuration: Drum Type
  • Maximum Voltage: 150 to 500