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  • A makeover for transport aircraft?
    The blended-wing-body concept could change the face of transport aircraft and airliners. From the earliest days of aviation, transport aircraft, along with most others, have relied on a single type of design, tube (or fuselage), and wing. It has served well and engineers at Airbus and Boeing
  • A century of progress in aircraft materials - Part 2 Metals
    . bought an aircraft company to supply planes to its airline. And based on Henry Ford's belief in using three engines for safety, a monoplane to avoid icing, and metal to simplify manufacturing, the company built the 4-AT. It was quickly dubbed the Tin Goose for its corrugated metal fuselage. (AT stood
  • A century of progress in aircraft materials - Part 1 Wood and Fabric
    yet strong enough to skin an aircraft, but they won't work in stressed-skin designs. Plywood, on the other hand, seemed just right to those trained and experienced in using wood and reluctant to make the jump to metal skins in the 1920s. One of the earliest planes with a plywood monocoque fuselage
  • Improvement of Hail Damage Inspection with Advanced 3D Imaging
    Mechanical damage on aircraft fuselage, wings and landing gear can be caused by hail. damage or various types of impact on the ground. Regardless of their origin, impacts on. aircraft must be inspected to ensure conformity with manufacturer requirements. Manual inspection techniques are still being
  • Coast Guard planes to get a room with a view
    . Mechanical-engineering students worked with Purdue Aviation Technology Professor Ronald Sterkenburg to recreate two mock panels of the aircraft's fuselage, one with the large window and one without. Researchers analyzed the two panels, comparing how much vibration and sound would be created in each
  • Gantry Machining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
    An aerospace company needed a gantry machine capable of high-speed machining of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) used on aircraft wings and fuselage. It was critical that the machining process did not cause high mechanical stress or impacts on the material, which could produce separation
  • A Comparison of the Environmental Attributes of Thermoplastic vs. Thermoset Composites
    . Furthermore, composites based on thermoplastic matrix resins are. recognized for the improved toughness they offer. Due to this inherent advantage, current. developments show promise for designing further weight reduction over conventional materials. A thin fuselage for a single aisle aircraft made
  • Boeing plans virtual everything before 7E7 rollout
    was needed for the 777 and validate all production requirements before design release. For comparison, the 777 was designed in the early 1990s and defined completely in 3D geometry. "When we put the hydraulic tubes in the first fuselage, about 20% encountered some interference, " says Fowler. "The 737 Next

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