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  • 5 Benefits of Using Paxton's PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers
    differentiator between Paxton's high efficiency PX-series centrifugal blowers and today's direct drive blowers is the motor speed. Paxton's ultra-efficient design utilizes a set of pulleys, all varying in size, to connect the blower head and the motor via a belt-driven system. This allows the motor
    Fans, blowers, and other air/fluid movement products have benefitted from many technology improvements in recent decades, primarily with the long life and controllability offered by electrically commutated brushless technology. AMETEK's Precision Motion Control Division is a leading innovator
  • Motion Solutions Improve Breathing Quality Air with Powered Air-Purifying Respirator Systems
    The heart of the PAPR system is the blower's motor unit, which drives the blower itself. Each PAPR system is different and features unique application specifications that are wholly unique to each use case. Here are six key criteria for designing a miniature motor solution for the blower.
  • Why Does a Two-Pulley System Result in a Better Performance?
    Two common types of blowers are belt-driven and direct drive. Direct Drive blowers connect the blower head directly to the motor, and the motor "directly drives" the blower. Out of necessity, the blower and the motor rotate at the same speed. In a belt-driven system, on the other hand, the motor
  • Sensorless and Always Without Reverse Rotation: Rapid and Accurate Startup for Blower Fan Motors
    In modern fans or pumps, cost savings and power efficiency incentives are pushing motor designs toward sensorless motor drivers. Conventional motor drivers use trapezoidal motor control with three Hall sensors: The Hall sensors give the rotor position, and the motor generates a robust torque
  • FOC Technology of High Speed Motor
    A high-speed motor usually refers to a motor with a speed exceeding 10000r/min. Because of its high speed and no deceleration structure, its power density is high. It is the application range of high-speed motors where the volume and weight need to reduce, such as aerospace motors, Motors, blowers
  • Common Questions About Intelligent Motor Controls
    Automation technology has improved by leaps and bounds recently, allowing manufacturers to more efficiently cut expenses and avoid maintenance delays. In the industrial fan and blower field, recent advances have allowed facility managers a greater degree of automation ability over their brushless
  • LTG Tangential Fans
    Tangential fans, also referred to as cross-flow fans (CFF), or cross-flow blowers, offer a uniform laminar flow pattern without the use of baffles or vanes. Extended linear air flow is exhausted across the entire length of the fans' impeller while they are characterized by their low-profile, quiet

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