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  • Finish Cast Parts Faster and Improve Productivity with Ceramic Abrasives
    are widely used in foundry cleaning rooms to remove gates, risers, flash, parting lines and other excess material that results from the casting process. These applications are necessary to bring the cast part into tolerance and make it suitable for its end use.
  • Ceramic Grade Descriptions
    Greenleaf is the industry leader in the development and manufacture of ceramic and coated ceramic inserts in ANSI standard and special geometries. Some of the most prominent include: WG-300 (R) Patented, whisker-reinforced ceramic with excellent wear and shock resistance at high surface speeds
  • High-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics(HTCC)
    HTCC ceramic heating element is the abbreviation of High-temperature co-fired ceramics. It is made of tungsten, molybdenum, molybdenum, manganese and other high melting point metal heating resistor paste printed on 92%~96% alumina cast ceramic green body according to the requirements of heating
  • Investment Casting vs. Die Casting: What Are the Differences?
    Investment cast components are highly detailed, precise, and accurate. Once freed from the ceramic mold, they exhibit smooth finishes that generally require little to no finishing. Although a new wax pattern and ceramic mold must be created for each component, production costs for investment
  • Shot Particle Shapes (.pdf)
    The ideal shape for a shot particle is a sphere, but real shot particles are not perfect spheres. The most commonly employed media are cast steel and iron shot, cut steel and iron shot, cut steel wire shot, glass beads and ceramic beads. These media are manufactured either by spheroidising solid
  • How To Select a Furnace for Batch Glass Melting Applications
    The most important characteristic of any glass melt furnace is that the lining be able to withstand the highly corrosive fumes frequently generated by glass chemistry at high temperatures. High alumina ceramic for temperatures up to 1700 deg C and cast zirconia for temperatures from 1800 to 2000
  • Interphex 2006 Preview: The Best of the Phex
    turnkey solutions to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries in the areas of humidity control, VOC abatement, mist elimination and water treatment. Novasep Process manufactures membranes and systems for extraction, concentration and purification ceramic and inorganic tubular membranes

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