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  • How to Use a Constant Level Oiler
    A constant level lubricator is used to maintain the oil level in a piece of equipment that naturally depletes fluid through use, wear, friction, or evaporation.
  • How to Maintain the Gearbox Lubrication System
    WorldWide Independent Power, June 2007 -- The reliability, operation and life-expectancy of power equipment are all largely dependent on the constant supply of lubrication oil. Jules DeBaecke, Vice President of Philadelphia Gear, explains how to maintain the lubrication system. The ultimate goal
  • Detecting Hydrogen Sulfide and Understanding Its Danger in the Field
    Many oil fields, especially mature ones, can produce high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), which is deadly at even low concentrations. As drilling and completions are often in remote locations, getting to the nearest hospital in time to respond to an exposure event could be impossible
    experienced scorching heat last summer where temperatures soared to record levels. For Lasercraft, June brought the expected heat wave. The building was uncomfortably warm but production ran without a hitch. However, as the days pushed into mid-July, the temperatures continued to rise. The 90°F+ days
  • What Is The Industrial Internet Of Things?
    are classified as " smart" because they are constantly receiving and emitting data. This data includes information about operational states and reports about the environmental conditions registered by embedded sensors. Where does all this data go? It gets transmitted over a network-cellular, wireless