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  • Copper vs Copper Tungsten Flanges
    Barry Industries offers parts using flanges made from both copper tungsten (CuW) and copper (Cu) flange materials. In the case of the copper tungsten flange material the construction is 100% brazed. Copper flange construction uses an appropriate solder material to attach the ceramic part
  • Design & Fabrication with Heavy Copper
    This free webinar covers several facets of Design and Fabrication with Heavy Copper. "Heavy copper" is generally any copper heavier than around 1.5 ounces per square foot. Specific topics include: material properties, how to determine copper thickness for your designs, how manufacturers fabricate
  • Heavy Copper Guide
    Take a look at our heavy copper capabilities and guidelines to ensure we can build your project - no matter how complex.
  • Preheating copper bars [PFS]
    To preheat two copper bars to temperature within 30 seconds; the client is looking to replace a competitor's 5kW induction heating system that is delivering unsatisfactory results...
  • Fiber versus Copper Links:
    monitoring and data networks built with twisted-pair copper links.
  • Choosing A Conductor:Copper Wire Construction
    Copper Wire Stranding Data
  • Using Heavy Copper and EXTREME Copper in PCB Design and Fabrication for Maximum Reliability
    An increasing number of power electronics products are taking advantage of a growing trend in the printed circuit board industry: Heavy Copper and EXTREME Copper Printed Circuit Boards. Most commercially available PCBs are manufactured for low-voltage/low power applications, with copper traces
  • Copper Ring Selection for Slip Ring
    Copper (Cu) has excellent electrical conductivity, workability, and corrosiveness, which serves as an indispensable material for slip rings.
  • Relentless Copper Prices Continue to Rise
    Learn the global impacts of why copper prices are rising beyond the wire and cable industry and how manufacturers and distributors are responding to consumers.
  • Brazing a copper elbow tube assembly
    In this copper brazing process, induction offers more precise, repeatable heating than current flame process......
  • Soldering a copper wire, contactor assembly
    High intensity heat must be applied to the joint area for this application so that thermal conduction of the copper does not sink away the heat delivered from the induction process.

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