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  • Selecting A Corrosion Inhibitor
    Corrosion, an ongoing concern for industry, may cause reduced service life or complete failure of manufactured parts and finished goods. These issues directly impact the cost efficiency of the manufacturing process and cost of the finished goods. Corrosion inhibitors can be used to prevent
  • Plastics for Corrosion Inhibition
    Plastics for Corrosion Inhibition. Corrosion inhibitors can be located in a polymer matrix in the solid, liquid, or gaseous phase. This book details the thermodynamic principles for selecting these components, their compatibility, and their effectiveness.
  • Plating Enhances Resistance to Lead Screw Corrosion
    Plating is the general name of surface-covering techniques in which a metal is deposited onto a conductive surface. Plating is indispensable as a corrosion inhibitor. for the manufacture of computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices as well as other uses such as solderability, hardness
  • Technical Papers: Evaluating High-Gloss, Direct-to-Metal, FEVE-Based Waterborne Coatings
    The research presented in this article evaluates corrosion inhibitors with blends of various waterborne acrylic and FEVE resins for improved adhesion and appearance after UV exposure and corrosion testing when applied as direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings without primer. Accelerated outdoor UV exposure
  • Turbine and Generator Dehumidification Strategies
    expensive due to the massive size of the turbines and the duration of the procedure. A second solution could be coating the turbine and its components with grease or corrosion inhibitor. However, not only is this not as effective as the nitrogen, but it also requires additional days of downtime
  • Concentration Measurement
    fluids are amines, biocides, caustic soda (NaOH), and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Real-Time Nitrite Detection for Hot Water Boiler and Cooling System
    In closed low-pressure water heating and cooling systems, sodium nitrite is a commonly used inhibitor that prevents oxygen related corrosion. It inhibits corrosion by promoting formation of protective films on surfaces. When nitrite is used as a corrosion inhibitor, it becomes crucial to maintain
  • Fume Collection Solutions for Hexavalent Chromium Exposure
    Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI) compounds are used as corrosion inhibitors and present an occupational hazard to workers that weld, cut or grind chromium-containing metals such as stainless steel. Particles of hexavalent chromium can be in mists, dust or fumes. Mists can come from using molten metal

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  • Handbook of Lubricants
    Uses: Surfactant intermediate, engine oil lubricant additive, viscosity and pour-point improver, plasticizer, epoxy, antifreeze lubricant, control for leather goods and corrosion inhibitor ; sizing agent in the alkaline production of paper .
  • Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals
    Coverage includes chemi- cals and materials that function as: Adhesives; Anticreasing agents; Antifoams; Antioxidants; Antishrinking agents; Antislip agents, Antisoaping agents; Antistats, Binders; Biocides; Bleaching agents; Carriers; Chelat- ing agents; Coning oils; Corrosion inhibitors ; Deaerating agents; Delustrants; Desizing agents; Dyeing assistants; Dye fixing …
  • Handbook of Industrial Surfactants Volume 1 and 2
    AB® [ANGUS] Chem. Descrip.: 2-Amino-1-butanol CAS 96-20-8; EINECS/ELINCS 202-488-2 Uses: Pigment dispersant; neutralizing/emulsifying amine; corrosion inhibitor ; acid- salt catalyst; pH buffer; chemical and pharmaceutical intermediate; solubilizer; raw material in polymer synthesis; formaldehyde scavenger; in coatings …
  • Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials Volume 1 and 2
    Uses: Antioxidant for fats, greases, lube oils, and polyamides; sludge preventative in furnace and lube oils; chelating agent and sequestrant; corrosion inhibitor ; stabilizer for can lacquers, oils, and lubricants .
  • Handbook of PLASTIC AND RUBBER ADDITIVES Volume 1 and 2
    Uses: Antistick coating, parting agent, lubricant, corrosion inhibitor in NR, SR .
  • Handbook of Cosmetic and Personal Care Additives Volume 1 and 2
    Uses: Pigment dispersant; neutralizing amine; corrosion inhibitor ; acid- salt catalyst; pH buffer; chemical and pharmaceutical intermediate; solubilizer .
  • Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals
    Uses: Printing ink binder as resin or salt; paper sizing agent; emulsifier for SBR polymerization as soap; tackifier resin in adhesives; imidazoline modi- fier in corrosion inhibitors ; elastomer modifier in emulsion polymerization; dust control additive; film former/plasticizer in lacquers and varnishes; tackifier …
  • Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients
    Uses: Thickener, thixotrope, structuring agent for epoxy-based systems, adhesive and multilayer systems; antisettling agent, antisag agent, cor- rosion inhibitor for paints, plastics .