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  • Wired 8.08: A Helium Shortage?
    confinement device, " an experimental low-power reactor that has successfully performed continuous deuterium-helium-3 fusion - a process that produces less waste than the
  • Cold fusion heating up?
    pyroelectric crystals that create a strong electric field when heated or cooled. The device is filled with deuterium gas, a more-massive cousin of hydrogen with an extra neutron in its nucleus. The electric field rips electrons from the gas, creating deuterium ions and accelerating them into a deuterium
  • Camera Captures Spheromak Plasmas
    compress deuterium and tritium into plasmas hotter than the center of the sun, producing helium- 4 and neutrons.
  • More light, less heat
    as the silicon-hydrogen bonds. The technique also works onsurfaces covered with a mixture of hydrogen and its isotope deuterium. It canremove hydrogen atoms while leaving the deuterium atoms intact. This degree of selectivity could provide a way to control the growth ofnanoscale structures
  • Talk about flying saucers!
    that passes through the target. The waves are so powerful they turn solids into liquids, liquids into gases, and gases into plasmas. The pressure produces material states rarely seen or measured in the laboratory. When shock waves penetrate a capsule containing deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen
  • UV-VIS Spectroscopy of Tannins and Phenols in Red Wine
    2.0 OD, further complicating the test protocol. In this application note, we report the performance of a new short path cuvette, the SpecVette TM with an Ocean Optics HR4000 spectrometer using a balanced Deuterium- Halogen light source to measure the absorbance of undiluted red wine samples from

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