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  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM Motors using dsPIC30F or dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers
    . They are also electrically less noisy than DC trol algorithms is now a reality thanks to the new motors, since brushes are not used. generation of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). An air conditioner, for example, requires fast response Why Use Digital Signal Controllers for for speed changes in the motor
  • Combining the Best of Analog and Digital Indication
    of relative signal level. When a process condition became critical, a DPM was then used for more exact readings. The Digital Bargraph Meter was developed to combine the best features of analog and digitial indication. This article reviews the development of bargraph meters and their use today in a variety
  • Forgot film? No problem for digital cameras
    signals separately, although the three signal processing chains merge into one. The NuCORE chip set divides the digital camera processing function into two areas. The front end is an analog chip, and the second chip is the digital portion. Both chips process portions of the image. The high-speed
  • New process makes possible better high-voltage ICs
    digital functionality made them to grow to unacceptable sizes, " said Denis Doyle, ADI fellow, Process Development. "iCMOS makes this approach obsolete by enabling the integration of more signal chain functions into a much smaller footprint without compromising performance. " Devices made
  • AN115 Sampling Law
    -to-digital circuitry interrogates (samples) analog signals at some periodic rate, converts each sample to a digital number, and then presents the individual samples to the computer as a representation of the time varying analog signal. A similar process is utilized in hardwire data acquisition
  • Achieving Higher ADC Resolution Using Oversampling
    finite word length. This process of quantization introduces noise in the signal called "quantization An Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) is an active inter- noise". The smaller the word length, the greater the face between the analog and digital signal chains in an noise introduced. embedded
  • Isolator vs. Optocoupler Technology
    Optocouplers have been the unchallenged signal isolation solution for over 40 years, but digital isolators fabricated in complementary metallic oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process technology are gaining favor in the design community because of their superior performance, reliability and integration
  • Medical Device Link .
    Advances in digital signal processors and microcontrollers have increased the opportunities for integrating this technology into medical electronics. Digital technology has made big strides this past decade. Digital signal processing (DSP) has been one of the catalysts behind the digital revolution

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  • Handbook of Signal Processing Systems
    Digital Signal Processing in Home Entertainment .........................
  • Digital filters
    It had to be tried through the insert the to clarify the offenen questions and to eliminate theoretical deficits digital filters superior theory of the digital signal processing (DSP).
  • Digital Sonar Design in Underwater Acoustics
    Digital sonar is a sonar system that uses digital signal processing theory and techniques and that realizes system integration in a digital manner.
  • Handbook of Signal Processing Systems
    21 Digital Signal Processing in Home Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Signals, Processes, and Systems
    288 DASYLab and digital signal processing ...........................................................
  • Principles of Modern Radar: Basic principles
    Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals for Radar 495 Threshold Detection of Radar Targets 547 Constant False Alarm Rate Detectors 589 Doppler Processing 625 Radar Measurements 677 Radar Tracking Algorithms 713 Fundamentals of Pulse Compression Waveforms 773 An Overview of Radar Imaging 835 .
  • Adaptive Filtering
    The field of Digital Signal Processing has developed so fast in the last three decades that it can be found in the graduate and undergraduate programs of most universities.
  • Wireless Transceiver Systems Design
    92 Digital Signal Processing Modules .....................................................