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  • States > California > State > Regulations > Title 8 - Industrial Relations > Division 1 - Department of Industrial Relations > Chapter 4 - Division of Industri...
    3) Material or equipment being loaded on, or off-loaded from box cars or flat cars shall … 4) Before inverting gondola type cars in dumping mechanisms the coupling hinge pins shall be secured against falling out of the coupling.
  • ZASMHBA0005252
    Fork-type or rectangular manifold burners (Fig. 7a and b) are used for those machines that have the pattern frame hinged to the dump box . … both are effective, the fork-type heating unit limits the placement of ejector pins in the pattern.
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  • Moving the Earth: The Workbook of Excavation, Fifth Edition > TRUCKS
    It is made of steel plate with box reinforcing. Heavy-duty dump body. The upper hinges are equipped with removable pins .
  • Jack-up Operational Guidelines
    Designated hinge pfn space covers to be removed, hinge pin spaces inspected and rovers replaced in good order. All dump valves and equalizing valves to be locked ahut. Spare gear boxes and equipment between decks to be properly stacked and secured.
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    Calcaterra and Wenger proceeded to the crusher apron where they were able to temporarily install a smaller hinge pin on the truck and dump the remainder of the load. Wenger used a forklift to lift the truck box so the new hinge pin could be installed.