Specialty Pins Information

Specialty pins are specialty or proprietary industrial pins. There are many types of products. Examples include ejector pins, expanding diameter pins, pivot pins, shear pins, and weld pins. Ejector pins are small specialty pins that are used to push or eject a part or material. Expanding diameter pins have a clearance-fit in their relaxed state, and segments that spread when a cam is actuated to provide a snug fit. These specialty pins are easy to install and remove. Pivot pins are used to attach two pivoting or hinged components. Shear pins are designed to break if the fastened members move, under stress, in opposite directions parallel to their mating surfaces. Weld pins are designed to be welded into place. 

Sizes and Specifications

Specialty pins are available in English and metric sizes, and carry specifications such as size, length, and material of construction. English pins are specified in inches or fractions of an inch. Metric pins are measured in units such as millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm). Typically, the size of specialty pins is expressed as the nominal diameter. With regard to materials of construction, choices include plastic, hardened and ground steel, unhardened steel, and stainless steel. Plastic specialty pins are made of thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers of high molecular weight. Hardened and ground carbon-steel specialty pins are extremely hard, but cannot absorb much shock or impact without braking. Specialty stainless steel pins are used in applications that require chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as relatively high pressure ratings.


Specialty pins include specialized or proprietary dowel pins, spring pins, cotter pins and wire clips, hitch pins and linch pins, and locating and fixturing pins. Specialty dowel pins include straight, oversize, undersize, and pull dowels; parallel, stepped, and knurled pins; grooved and spiral-grooved pins, and tapered and non-tapered products. There are several types of specialty spring pins, including coiled and rolled or slotted pins. Specialty cotter pins and specialty wire clips come in styles such as clinch, hairpin cotter, hairpin clip, ring cotter, twist pin, circle cotter, and safety pin. Specialty hitch pins and specialty linch pins include several types of clevis pins, as well as detent, toggle, and safety spring pins. Many different types of specialty locating pins, specialty fixturing pins, and other specialty pins are also available.