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  • The Pin
    An attempt is made to analyze strain and stress of different types of pins in more detail than the conventional consideration of the shear strength offers. The analysis reveals that there are cases in which the shear strength is not the criterion for the proper selection of size and type of pin
  • Riveter harnesses inertia
    , or keys, which engage matching slots running the length of the actuator's front end. A shear pin connects the rod and shaft coupler and breaks if an overload becomes imminent, acting like a fuse and failing before real damage is done. To set a rivet, the motor spins the flywheel to a user-determined
  • From the Safety Files: Poor dock leveler maintenance leads to injury
    that a truck and dockleveler could touch one another during normal operation, a safety fuse or shear pin should have been built into the mechanism to let the lip extender disengage if it encountered an obstacle. In fact, the dockleveler's manufacturer sold an
  • Semipermanent Pins
    Pins are typically used under primarily shear loading. They are separated into two groups: semipermanent and quick release. These general design rules apply to all types of semipermanent pins: Removal and installation of semipermanent pins require the application of pressure or the aid of tools
  • Torque limiters get fillers out of a jam
    Plymouth, Minn., prevent overloads and jam-ups in automated filling systems, without cumbersome shear pins and complex arrays of electronic limit switches. Monoblock filler systems handle liquids and solid particulates and process up to 600 containers/min in sizes 0.5 oz to 12 gallons. A Zero-Max
  • FEA Update: How to add joints to beam structures
    of freedom per node: translation in the X, Y, and Z axis and rotations about these three axes, " says Luczak. "Translations allow transmitting shear loads in two directions and an axial load. Rotations allow bending about two axes perpendicular to each other and a torque along the axis. When two

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