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  • How to specify a slip ring
    Slip rings are always part of a larger mechanism with a need to pass specific electrical power and signal circuits through a rotating surface. The mechanism the slip ring is part of operates in an environment such as an aircraft or a ship. Therefore, to create a slip ring design that will succeed
  • When Wire Feedthroughs Make Sense
    Engineers who work with pressure and vacuum chambers usually reach for off-the-shelf sealed bulkhead connectors when they need to pass power and signal wires through the chamber wall. And while these connectors may seem like the best or only way to breach the chamber walls, they can actually drive
  • EDM - Sometimes Graphite Just Isn't Enough - 03/07
    resistivity --or the resistance to the current applied to the electrode --is the determining factor in choosing an electrode material. The resistivity value determines how much of the spark energy can pass through the electrode material and is available to attack the workpiece. Graphite is relatively
  • Motion Control and Encoder Technology: A Tutorial
    diaphragm or mask (4), which splits the light into a second channel 90° out of phase, an output style called quadrature. The two light channels (A and B), pass through the tempered glass, polycarbonate or metal pulse disc (2) onto the photodiode array (5).
  • Powerstar Shipboard Power & Isolation Transformers (.pdf)
    . Since seawater is highly conductive, the electricity will pass through him to get to ground. He gets zapped. So ships use a 3 phase ungrounded ? Delta design generator. For battle field situations with this design, they also can tolerate a single phase- to-hull short and continue operating.
  • Ground-fault interrupters
    as an example of how these switches operate. Phase and neutral power conductors pass through a toroidal (differential) current transformer. Under normal conditions, the vector sum of the currents in the live and neutral conductors will equal zero. In an unhealthy circuit a residual current flows
  • Motion control and Optical encoders
    quadrature. The two light beams pass through a pulse disc attached via a shaft to the monitored process and onto a photodiode array. As the disc turns, its clear and dark segments create a pattern of light and dark, which is read and processed by the array and encoding circuitry. Separate diodes receive
  • Steppers go shaftless
    and operates in both open and closed-loop modes. However, the stator and rotor are reversed resulting in a large hole through the center of the motor. The large interior hole allows a wide range of optical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical components to pass through the center of the motor
  • Hydraulics aids trash-to-energy conversion
    through Model 2 FRE 6 proportional flow-control valves, which let electrical signals control fluid flow independent of pressure and temperature variations. Hydraulics is known for generating large forces from compact packages. But it's also extremely rugged, often performing without fail under operating
  • Using microtechnology to get to nanotechnology
    atomic-force microscope (graph) shows dimensions along a line over a sample of highly oriented pryolytic graphite, a pure, very smooth form of carbon. The two arrows indicate a mono-atomic step. An AFM with a conductive tip took this image, which has been processed through a low-pass filter
  • Built-in backseat driver could save lives
    Imagine you are on a long road trip and your destination is only a few hours away. It's getting late and you're getting tired but you think you can push through and make it that night. If you are one of the lucky ones you're right and you make it safely to your destination. But often times drivers
  • Ultra-thin mirror for high-performance optics
    requiring low power consumption. VCSELs have a particularly short gain medium, so a highly reflective mirror is needed. High reflectivity is possible with DBRs, in which light passes through alternating layers of aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs), which has a refractive index of 3.0, and gallium