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    included the use of a preplated material secured with small, nondeforming fuse welds, eliminating secondary brackets and fasteners. In addition, it was discovered that smaller components could be formed from scrap generated during the production of larger chassis pieces. Prototype work is done
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    . Suited for fuse welding and tipping operations, this line of forming mandrels comprises lengths up to 3.66 m. The wires are offered in sizes ranging from 0.127 to 0.178 mm in diameter, and the fluoropolymer coating can be applied in a layer 0.00127 to 0.02032 mm thick.
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    requirements for the medical devices used in them become increasingly complex. This is particularly true with high-performance catheter delivery systems. A successful catheter development project must be able to integrate, optimize, and thereby fuse the design and manufacturing requirements into a complete
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    " and "laser tweezers " to cut and move chromosomes and to fuse cells. The first day's medical