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  • Investment Casting
    Investment Casting is also called "lost wax casting" or "precision casting". It's an industrial process, actually one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, to manufacture metal parts.
  • Creating Molds for Investment Casting
    The lead time to get sample parts can be longer and tooling costs may be higher. For engineers and buyers trying to determine if investment casting is the right process for their parts and understanding mold-making in investment casting will help.
  • Types of Inconel for Investment Casting
    This blog post discusses the various types and compositions of Inconel and explains the benefits of making Inconel parts by the investment casting process.
  • What is the Investment Casting Process?
    There are many key steps involved with the actual investment casting process. Yet keep in mind that it really begins with the customer deciding on the dimensions and specifications of the part along with the type of metal that will be used. When we receive this data and documents, our role
  • Rapid Prototype for Investment Castings
    If you are interested in finding more information about our rapid prototype for the investment casting process and capabilities, please contact Impro today.
  • Investment Casting Design Guidebook
    Investment casting is a way of lowering overall production costs by eliminating most, and in some case all, machining. However, it does require that parts be designed with an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the process.
  • Draft Angles in Investment Casting
    Draft angles on cast parts limit the designer's freedom and complicate secondary machining operations. One of the advantages of investment casting over other casting processes is that draft angles can be practically zero. This blog post explains what draft angles are, why they are applied, and how
  • Quality Control in Investment Casting
    Investment casting is ideal for producing parts that will be highly loaded, subjected to high temperatures and pressures, or require precise geometry that minimizes secondary operations. This is especially true when the alloys used are expensive and hard to machine. In many applications quality
  • Precision Aluminum Investment Casting
    A high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent thermal conductivity and good corrosion-resistance are just some of the reasons for using aluminum. If you're looking for low mass, good heat transfer, or the opportunity to avoid coating processes, precision aluminum investment casting is probably
  • Inconel (R) Investment Casting
    Engineers turn to nickel-based superalloys when stainless steel can't provide enough corrosion resistance or high temperature strength. The downside of alloys like Inconel (R) though, is that they are hard to machine. This makes investment casting the most practical manufacturing route.

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