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    University of Waterloo News Bureau Industrial research chair at UW to study polymer chemistry WATERLOO, Ont. -- An industrial research chair to study polymer chemistry and catalysis has been established at the University of Waterloo in partnership with Novacor Chemicals Ltd. and the Natural
  • Laboratory and Field Evaluations of a New Silica Dispersant
    Based on molecular modeling studies, new polymers were designed to maximize the interaction energies between polymer molecule and the crystalline surfaces of silica and magnesium silicate. One of these newlydesigned polymers has been further developed for laboratory and field evaluations
  • PAT in Perspective: Drugs Are Not Potato Chips
    : chemical, polymer, paper, textile and, yes, even pharmaceutical. Normally, NIR is applied to mixtures of materials (including natural products), usually in the diffuse reflection mode. The signal generated contains both chemical and physical information; the physical usually dominates the spectrum
  • Testing to Improve the Durability of Artificial Heart Valves
    valves. However, they sometimes involve side effects with irregular blood flow and clotting of blood around them. Bioprosthetic valves have better hemodynamic (blood flow) properties, but are more susceptible to wear as a result of material fatigue. Polymer trileaflet (PT) valves offer natural
  • Sleuths on the Case
    ) was. One problem, of course, is that heparin is derived from pigs, and natural products are never exactly the same. Heparin is mostly a polymer of disaccharides (two-ring sugars) with each unit containing uronic acid and glucosamide. When the various stereoisomers, sugars and sulfation patterns
  • VICTREX (R) PEEK Meets NORSOK M710 Compliance and Continues to Aggressively Test its Polymers in Support of Industry-Leading Test Standards
    and for. different. operators.". VICTREX (R) PEEK Meets NORSOK M710 Compliance. and Continues to Aggressively Test its Polymers in Support. of Industry-Leading Test Standards. Geoff Small, Victrex Technical Program Manager. The standard is divided into two sections: one for. elastomers which covers chemical
  • Corrosion-Resistant FEVE-Based Coatings Extend the Life of Offshore Oilfield Structures
    the polymers into high-performance resins suitable for coating formulations. To make fluorourethane coatings that offer outstanding durability, they are synthesized with reactive hydroxyl groups and can be cross-linked with standard aliphatic isocyanates. UV light generates free radicals that affect weaker
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Ultra-Weatherable Coatings for Offshore Marine Structures
    are soluble in solvent due to the vinyl ether groups. Solvent solubility transforms FEVE resins from high-performance polymers into high-performance resins suitable for wide array of coating formulations. They are synthesized with reactive hydroxyl groups and can be cross-linked with standard

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  • Manufacturing of Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
    From Fig. 6.1, lignocellulosic bio- mass contains several important noteworthy natural polymers , cellulose [C6H10O5]n (35–83 % dry weight basis), hemicelluloses [C5H8O4]m (0–30 % dry weight basis) and lignin [C9H10O3⋅(OCH3)0.9–1.7]x (1–43 % dry weight basis …
  • Eco-friendly Polymer Nanocomposites
    Natural polymers and agro waste cellulose fibers were also reported in research on EPN (Kaushik et al. 2010).
  • Cellulose Fibers: Bio- and Nano-Polymer Composites
    Rowell RM, Han JS, Rowell JS et al (2000) Characterization and factors effecting fibre properties in natural polymers and agro fibres based composites.
  • Biodegradable Polymer Blends and Composites from Renewable Resources
  • Eco-friendly Polymer Nanocomposites
    The use of natural polymers -based materials by humans is not new as these polymer materials have been used by people of earlier civilizations long back, many centuries ago.
  • Water-Soluble Polymers
    Overall, modest growth in the consumption of water-soluble polymers is expected to continue through 2014, characterized by (1) minor displacement of semisynthetic polymers by natural polymers , particularly in food applications, (2) generally slower growth in consumption for nonfood applications, and (3 …
  • Polysaccharides
    J Exp Bot 63:3953–3958 Ralph J, Lundquist K, Brunow G, Lu F, Kim H, Schatz PF, Marita JM, Hatfield RD, Ralph SA, Christensen JH et al (2004) Lignins: natural polymers from oxidative coupling of 4-hydroxyphenylpropanoids.
  • Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials
    Research into bioadhesives based on synthetic polymers or synthetically modified natural poly- mers has concentrated on a large number of poly- mers, and reviews are available [18–20].