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  • Round Belts and O-ring Belts-Image
    Round Belts and O-ring Belts - (77 companies)
    ...and other power transmission components typically cover round belts and o-ring belts. Typical standards include: BS EN 14973 (Conveyor belts for underground applications). ISO 22721 (Conveyor belts for mining applications). References. Dura-Belt...
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    Cross Sectional Diameter
    Working Tension
  • Retaining Rings and Snap Rings-Image
    Retaining Rings and Snap Rings - (279 companies)
    ...radially installed rings (external only). These rings are also called snap-on style. Wire formed rings are of uniform cross section with no ears. They are also called "Eaton" style. Grooveless retaining rings do not require a groove. They often have...
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  • Back-up Rings-Image
    Back-up Rings - (120 companies)
    ...that are used to prevent a seal from extruding through any gaps while under pressure. These seals are installed in the downstream side of the gland. Back-up rings are not seals themselves, but are usually used in conjunction with O-rings in high-pressure...
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  • Dynamic Seals-Image
    Dynamic Seals - (668 companies)
    Alternative to both O-ring and U-ring, combining the favorable properties of both. Various proprietary designs. Spring-energized U-ring. Reciprocating. U-ring alternative incorporating spring-loaded wedge in a composite construction. Various proprietary...
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  • O-rings-Image
    O-rings - (757 companies)
    O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating surfaces, O-rings block the passage of liquids or gases. O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating...
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    Tubing - (2432 companies)
    ...or mm of mercury, referenced below one standard atmosphere. Minimum bend radius is a rating based on the acceptable amount of deformation the tubing cross-section can undergo, typically given in inches or millimeters. This is particularly important...
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    Wheels - (369 companies)
    Description. Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle. Types. There are several types of industrial wheels. V-grooved...
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    Gaskets and Gasketing - (1348 companies)
    ...cross sections. Some more common cross-sections are round (solid and hollow), square or rectangular, channel, C-fold, D-section, L-section, P-section, knife-edge, and wedge. Sanitary gaskets are used in processing pipeline systems for the food...
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    Slip Rings - (101 companies)
    Slip rings are metal rings that provide a continuous electrical connection through brushes on stationary contacts. They are generally mounted on the rotating part of a machine. The electrical connection can be via wiping contacts, mercury, infrared...
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    Piston Rings - (110 companies)
    ...for internal combustion engines. ISO 6621-4 - Piston rings for internal combustion engines. References. Image Credits: Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas | JETSEAL, Inc.
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