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  • DNA Synthesizers-Image
    DNA Synthesizers - (23 companies)
    DNA synthesizers are used to custom build DNA molecules to contain a sequence of interest. DNA synthesizers are machines used to custom-build DNA molecules to contain a particular sequence of nucleotides. DNA synthesizers can create specific DNA...
  • Frequency Synthesizers-Image
    Frequency Synthesizers - (98 companies)
    Frequency synthesizers are electronic devices that generate frequencies by using a combination of other frequencies. They are used in cell phones, global positioning systems (GPS), radio receivers, satellite receivers, and mobile telephones...
  • Chemical Manufacturing and Synthesis Services-Image
    Chemical Manufacturing and Synthesis Services - (349 companies)
    Chemical manufacturing and synthesis services produce organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals on a contract, toll, customized, or research and development basis.
  • Processing Services-Image
    Processing Services - (1873 companies)
    Chemical and material processing services modify chemicals and materials and offer a wide range of services.
  • IC Signal Generators-Image
    IC Signal Generators - (39 companies)
    IC waveform generators provide several different waveforms or functions at the desired frequency. Image Credit: MySkunkWorks | | D and N Electronics, Inc. IC waveforms generators (function generators) and IC waveform synthesizers provide...
    Network Clock Sources - (17 companies)
    Network clock sources are timing devices that use a signal from an atomic clock or other external reference source to set and maintain a central time for all of the elements in a network.
    IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL) - (69 companies)
    ...circuit that produces a stable clock, which is in phase with received signal. A digital PLL chip can interface with more than one device. Some specifications of the frequency synthesizer digital PLL includes frequency range, output power and step size...
    Biosensors and Microarrays - (31 companies)
    Biosensors, microarrays, biochips and lab-on-chip (LOC) products are microscale devices for biological, biochemical and chemical arrays. They consist of microfluidic channels and a biodetector or microsensor arrays.
    RF Receivers - (257 companies)
    RF receivers are electronic devices that enable a particular radio signal to be separated from all others being received and converted into a format for video, voice, or data.
    RF Modules - (149 companies)
    RF modules are partially finished circuits that can be incorporated into larger designs.

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