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  • Gate Drive Optocoupler Provides Robust Insulation in IGBT Destructive Tests
    Avago Technologies gate drive optocouplers are used extensively to drive IGBTs in applications such as motor drives and solar inverters. Optocouplers are a proven technology to provide reinforced galvanic insulation for high voltage protection between IGBTs and control circuits. They are also used
  • Optocoupler Designer's Guide (.pdf)
    About This Designer's Guide Agilent Technologies Each application circuit is How to Order optocouplers can be used in an accompanied by: To order any component in this array of isolation applications 1. A brief description. guide or additional applications ranging from power supply and information
  • AN-0100 - Using a VMI Opto-coupler in Conjunction with High Voltage Relays
    This application is for use in a scanning electron microscope, which has different operating. modes. In one mode, a large negative voltage (nominally -10kV) must be applied to an. electrode. In the other mode, a small voltage must be applied, but with a high current. capability. In both cases
  • AN-0300 - High Voltage Op-Amp Application Using Opto-Couplers
    Using a pair of these optocouplers in a push-pull configuration an amplifier may be constructed having a high DC loop gain and a. bandwidth constrained primarily by the capacitance and current of the load. Referring to the below circuit diagram, the amplifier structure is similar to a. common
  • How to Simulate Current Transfer Ratios (CTR) and Long-Term CTR Degradation in Transistor Optocouplers
    CTR is a key parameter in measuring transistor optocoupler performance. Normally expressed as a percentage, CTR is the ratio of the amount of current applied to the optocoupler's LED to the collector current received. This application note provides a method for simulating the effects of various

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