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  • SCSI Converters-Image
    SCSI Converters - (9 companies)
    SCSI converters translate between the various SCSI interfaces such as single-ended to high-voltage differential (HVD), or HVD to low-voltage differential (LVD), etc. SCSI converters enable interoperability between different SCSI bus types. Also...
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  • Digital Parallel and Serial Converters-Image
    Digital Parallel and Serial Converters - (19 companies)
    These devices adapt data transmitted in a parallel port to a serial communication format, or adapt serial port data to parallel communication format. Digital parallel and serial converters adapt data transmitted in a parallel port to a serial...
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    SCSI Products - (139 companies)
    SCSI products include SCSI host adapters and controllers, SCSI converters, SCSI terminators, and SCSI switches. Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) is an intelligent I/O parallel peripheral bus with a standard, device-independent protocol...
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  • GPIB Converters-Image
    GPIB Converters - (14 companies) systems interface (SCSI), Ethernet, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, ARCNET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, SDS, and CANbus. GPIB converters also differ in terms of supported operating systems.
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  • Serial Data Converters-Image
    Serial Data Converters - (164 companies)
    Serial data converters are used to interconnect two different serial standards, such as RS232 to RS422, USB to RS232, etc. Interfaces, features, and environmental parameters are important specifications to consider when searching for serial data...
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    Network Media Converters - (352 companies)
    Network media converters change the signal of encoded data from one media type to another as it is transmitted through, or between, networks. Network media converters are used to interconnect different types of cables within an existing network...
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    Serial Communications Products - (421 companies)
    Serial communication products are used in industrial and commercial systems to transmit data bit-by-bit, or sequentially, over a single wire. They include serial servers, serial hubs, serial adapters, serial data converters, serial routers...
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    Cable Assemblies - (1923 companies)
    Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end.
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    Serial Interfaces - (141 companies)
    Serial interfaces are used to connect or convert an analog signal to a serial-digital output signal, and to convert from one network standard to another.
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    SCSI Adapters and SCSI Controllers - (77 companies)
    Interface (SCSI) is an intelligent I/O parallel peripheral bus with a standard, device-independent protocol that allows many peripheral devices to be connected to the SCSI port. A single SCSI bus can drive up to eight devices or units: the host adapter...
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  • Can't connect my External Scsi hard drive.
    The simple answer would be: yes you can connect it to the parallelport of your computer, but then I'd ignore the fact that this a parallel to SCSI converter .
  • upgrading hard drive for 486DX
    Does anyone know of a SCSI to parallel adapter/ converter ?
  • Data splitting and compounding technology for a data real-time transmission system
    The binary data can be sent to parallel working CPU through the converter by the standard computer system interface ( SCSI ).
  • upgrade to Windows 98 SE
    Is there a converter out there (for cheap, of course) that will convert SCSI to IEEE-1394 parallel ?
  • Multisensor Instrumentation 6 Design: Defined Accuracy Computer-Integrated Measurement Systems
    Differential amplifiers (continued) input errors, 29, 30 Digital- to -analog converters : applications, 114, 118, 142, 149, 158, 199 binary codes, 103 circuits, 105 device errors, 102, 167 differential nonlinearity, 101 interpolative, 142–144 LSB equivalents, 109 multiplying, 106 peripheral interface, 106 R – … … 70, 85, 98, 105 elemental circuit, 31 gain-bandwidth, 33 inverting, 32 parameter errors, 42–45 slew rate, 39, 40 stability, 32 types, 33 Oversampling, in signal recovery, 142 Parallel buses: GPIB, 188, 190 … … PCI, 188, 189, 202 SCSI , 188, 202 PID controller …
  • Design and performance of a 3D imaging photon-counting microlaser altimeter operating from aircraft cruise altitudes under day or night conditions
    … interface to the RGUI computer (with 32Mbytes of shared memory), a digital I/O module (National Instruments DIO-128), and two Berkeley Nucleonics modules for ranging interface: the B940 digital delay generator (DDG) and the B945 16-channel time to digital converter (TDC). The embedded CPU contains 32 Mbytes of memory, a 4 Gbyte hard disk, as well as ethernet, SCSI , serial and parallel interfaces.
  • Imagenex Model 855
    … powerful DSP chip and has optional interfaces to interconnect with digital audio tape (DAT) recorders for data recording and playback, converters to generate NTSC and PAL video, an SCSI port for disk drive … … digital screen images, a parallel printer port to drive … … tape interface circuit board is available, which allows connection of a DAT recorder to a scanning unit …
  • Design and implementation of a block storage multi-protocol converter
    This paper presents the Block Storage Multi-Protocol Converter (BSMC) software architecture, which is able to translate and manage SCSI commands carried by different SCSI transport protocols, such as SCSI, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI among many Hosts (Initiators) and Devices (Targets). Although the SCSI Parallel Bus is a mature and well- established transport interface, providing fast access to storage devices, it has limitations such as distance (several meters) and scalability (15 devices on a bus).
  • Storage topologies
    While not as far in develop- ment as Serial ATA, Serial Attached SCSI is the newest solution to the parallel bus problem for SCSI proponents. It also defines expander devices, downstream protocol converters that live as new definitions in the SCSI delivery …
  • An open systems approach to real-time signal processing using AltiVec technology
    For example, real-time sensor data passing through an A D converter board typically enters the system through an ANSI standard interface for 32-bit parallel TTL data called the Front Panel Data Port (FPDP)”. When used in conjunction with a RACEway- to -PCI bridge chip, many other off-the-shelf interfaces … These include ATM, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SCSI , VME, and many more.