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  • Gearboxes and Gearheads-Image
    Gearboxes and Gearheads - (928 companies)
    Gearboxes and gearheads, also called gear reducers or speed reducers, are power transmission devices that use a gear arrangement in an enclosed housing to transfer energy, increase torque and reduce speed from one device to another. Gearboxes...
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    Gear Ratio
    Output Torque
    Maximum Input Power
  • Lumber and Sawmill Equipment-Image
    Lumber and Sawmill Equipment - (78 companies)
    Lumber and sawmill equipment is designed for the lumber industry and used in sawmills, timber, and forestry applications. Lumber and sawmill equipment is used in sawmill, timber, and forestry applications. Sawmill equipment includes tools...
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  • Gearbox Repair Services-Image
    Gearbox Repair Services - (132 companies)
    How to Select Gearbox Repair Services. Image | Gear repair and gearbox repair services repair gears, gearboxes and speed reducers. Gears are mechanical devices that transmit power and motion between axes...
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    Slewing Drives - (17 companies)
    Slewing drives are a type of special gearbox designed to translate axial movement, typically of a worm gear, to radial movement. Typical applications of slewing drives include wind turbines, solar tracking systems, satellite broadcasting systems...
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  • Gearmotors-Image
    Gearmotors - (617 companies)
    Gearmotors consist of an AC or DC motor with an integral gearbox or gear head typically used to adjust the motor's output speed and torque. Gearmotors are electric motors that utilize a type of gear system on the output of the motor. This gearing...
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    Wheel and Track Drives - (14 companies)
    Wheel and track drives are a gearbox, motor and brake assembly which power wheeled or tracked vehicles. Motors can be either electric or hydraulically powered. Wheel and track drives unify a gearbox, motor, and braking mechanism into a compact...
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    Gear Manufacturing Services - (393 companies)
    ...and disengage drives from the driven load via clutch plates or other methods that use friction, toothed, or magneticengagement. Gages and masters can serve as elements for calibration, testing, and inspection of gears. Gearboxes and transmissions...
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    Fuel Dispensing Equipment - (99 companies)
    ...unit. This portion includes mechanical gearboxes, as in older pumps, or piston meters and encoders to measure and distribute a specified amount of fuel or track fuel output. After the metering section, the fuel progresses through a flexible hose...
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    Wind Turbines - (306 companies)
    ...turbine blades, and a spinner. The rotor can either be directly coupled to the generator, or use a drive train or gearbox to transfer the mechanical energy to the generator. A large aerodynamic enclosure, a nacelle, houses the drive train...
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    AC Motors - (1292 companies)
    AC motors include single, multiphase, universal, induction, synchronous, and gear motors. They also include servomotors.
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  • Gearboxes & Geared Motors Report - Americas - 2014
    Sawmill , veneer, plywood woodworking machinery. .... Gearboxes and Geared Motors - World - 2014 .
  • 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python, January IAP 2010
    …gauging gaunter gauzier gaveled gavials gavotte gawking gawkily gawkier gazebos gazelle gazette gearing gearbox geezers gefilte geishas … savable savaged savages savanna savants saviors savings savored savvied savvies sawbuck sawdust sawfish sawmill sawyers saxhorn sayings…
  • Designing Value-Creating Supply Chain Networks
    Its SCN includes sawmills , pulp mills, paper mills, conversion plants, distribution centers, and wholesalers. .... The mechanical parts (engines, gearboxes and suspension systems) and forged parts that the factories use are made…
  • Engineering Asset Management
    …with only one stage so the relative size and weight of the worm gearbox is usually small. .... Typical application areas are machines at sawmills and different conveyors.
  • Renewable energies
    …related defined thereby as the power at the generator terminal to the power on the gear shaft. .... Separated exceptions the installations that directly drive machines form (i.e. provision of mechanical energy) or lesser industry and/or craft operations (e.g., sawing works ) with current supply.
  • Energy Strategic Planning & Sufficiency Project
    The sawmill can avoid the needed capital expense by purchasing steam from a newly built, modern power .... Most systems have a gearbox and generator in a single unit behind the turbine blades.
  • Sawing away downtime | Archive | The Engineer
    …from the One NorthEast’s North East Productivity Alliance (NEPA) have steered A&J Scott sawmill in Northumberland on .... Ondrives newest Gearbox Only catalogue launched .
  • Offer and project calculation
    Field: companies with few similar products with solid cost ratio (mills, sawing works , stone works, cement factories etc.). .... Examples: shafts, toothed wheels, gear boxes, but also textiles, laundry, curtains and similar sewings or circuit boards…