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    Serdes - (18 companies)
    Serializer/de-serializer (SERDES) macro-cell circuits receive fast serial signals (on the order of Mbits/s or higher) and de-serialize them into slower parallel signals. Some SERDES circuits can be programmed like any other PLD. SERDES macrocell...
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    Oscilloscopes - (304 companies)
    Oscilloscopes translate an electronic signal into a pattern or waveform on a screen. As it is traced across the screen, the waveform creates a signature of the signal's characteristics.
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    Oscillators - (552 companies)
    Oscillators are devices that are used to generate repetitive signals. They produce output signals without an input signal. There are two major types of electronic oscillators: harmonic oscillators and relaxation oscillators. Harmonic oscillators produce sine wave outputs. Relaxation oscillators produce non-sine wave outputs such as square wave, rectangular wave, and sawtooth outputs.
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  • Web Controllers-Image
    Web Controllers - (80 companies)
    Web controllers maintain control functionality over processes with web or sheet rollers. Control functionality includes maintaining tension of the web, centering on the track, and material feed rates.
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  • Logic Dividers-Image
    Logic Dividers - (37 companies)
    Logic dividers are integrated circuits that divide the frequency of an input signal by a divisor value.
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    Frequency Counters - (142 companies)
    Frequency counters are digital indicating meters for accurate measurement and display of square wave and pulse input signals.
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    VME, VPX, and VXI Controllers and Processors - (37 companies)
    VME, VPX and VXI controllers and processors manage data transfers between devices in VME, VPX, and VXI systems. They control the status of interrupts, interrupt requests (IRQ), registers, and triggers, as well as network instruments for testing and analysis.
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    Backplanes - (192 companies)
    Backplanes are circuit boards that contain sockets or expansion slots for connections to other circuit boards. There two types of backplanes: active and passive.
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    Equalizers - (15 companies)
    Equalizers are electronic devices used to balance frequency components of electronic signals.
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    VME, VPX, and VXI Products - (154 companies)
    VME, VPX and VXI products are designed for use with a VME, VPX or VXI bus. They include controllers and processors, extenders, switches, bus interfaces and adapters, power interface boards (PBs), and load boards.
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