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12.2.5. Online Adaptation of Mode Transition Controllers

In this section, an adaptation scheme is proposed for the online customization
of mode transition controllers designed offline via the method of
blending local mode controllers. The control objective is to adapt the
blending matrices such that the plant output vector tracks the output vector
of a desired transition model. In order to apply the discrete-time adaptation
scheme to the continuous-time system, it is assumed that the sample rate has
been appropriately selected. Figure 12.2 shows the configuration for indirect
adaptive mode transition control. The adaptation scheme is composed of five
components: the desired transition model, the active plant model, the plant
adaptation mechanism, the active controller model, and the controller adaptation

Figure 12.2. Configuration for indirect adaptive mode transition control.

is incorporated into the consequent part of the fuzzy neural

model. Afterwards, the active plant model is adapted online via the plant
adaptation mechanism.

Plant Adaptation Mechanism
The active plant is adapted online to account for plant variations on a
real-time basis. At time instant tk, the adaptation of the active plant model is
accomplished by performing structurerparameter learning on the basis of the
current inputroutput data {(xpq(tk),upq (...

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