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Today, the role of a control algorithm is evolving from static designs,
synthesized offline, to dynamic algorithms that adapt in real-time to changes
in the controlled system and its environment. The paradigm for control
system design and implementation is also shifting from a centralized, single
processor framework to a decentralized, distributed processor implementation
framework. Distribution and decentralization of services and components
is driven by the falling cost of hardware, increasing computational
power, increasingly complex control algorithms, and development of new,
low-cost micro sensors and actuators. A distributed, modular hardware architecture
offers the potential benefit of being highly reconfigurable, faulttolerant,
and inexpensive. Modularity can also accelerate development time
of products, since groups can work in parallel on individual system components.
These benefits come with a price - that is, the need for sophisticated,
reliable software to manage the distributed collection of components and

Communication within a distributed, decentralized environment becomes
a significant issue. Hardware components and software processes operate
in synchronous and asynchronous modes. These processes have to communicate
with one another with a well-defined protocol to effectively control the system.
Software tools needed for a distributed, real-time control architecture
include: real-time execution, adaptive task scheduling, task...

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Products & Services
Data Acquisition Software
Data acquisition software is designed to collect, record, store, present and analyze data collected from sensors and other digital devices.
Motion Control Software
Motion control software uses advanced algorithms for programming, monitoring, and optimizing digital motion control products.
Software Development Services
Software development services design custom software for a variety of applications.
Bug Tracking Software
Bug tracking software enables developers to use breakpoint and stepping methods to troubleshoot source code written for computers and embedded systems. These stand-alone computer applications are not part of an integrated development environment (IDE).
Embedded Programming Software
Embedded programming software is used to program special-purpose computer systems that are designed to perform one or several dedicated functions.

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