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Depending upon your volume size for your system, it is best to choose the appropriate file system that best meets your needs. If you are dealing with small volumes which are less than 400 MB with little or no security needs, then FAT volumes that require file level security are best for you.

When NTFS volumes will be shared on network NTFS volumes which need file compression, you need NTFS large volumes for sizes greater than 400 MB that require efficient storage and don't waste space due to the cluster size minimums. NTFS volume sets that need to be extensible in the future and is done so by adding additional free disk space. NTFS boot partition of a RISC computer, FAT floppies, or other removable media that is swapped during Windows NT sessions have FAT volumes which need to be accessed by other operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or OS/2.


NTFS was created to be fast. It provides excellent disk I/O performance on large volumes including those on file servers or advanced workstations. In addition, it is the best file system for such machines. This performance increase is dedicated only to volumes larger than 400 MB due to the fact of NTFS's overhead from its security and reliability features.

NTFS employs a binary tree structure for all disk directories, this cuts down on the number of times the system has to access the...

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