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All projects need to be closely monitored to ensure they are progressing as planned. Sometimes troubles surface and it becomes necessary to terminate a project before it is completed. The audit activity is designed to give the project every possible chance to be completed and go to closure.


The term audit is synonymous with analysis, checkup, inspection, review, scan, scrutiny, survey, and view. Audits are used throughout the project life cycle as follows:

  • Project audit

  • Scheduled audits

  • Unscheduled audits

  • Subcontractor and vendor audits

  • Quality audits

  • Project safety audits

Project Audit [1]

The main purpose of a project audit is to assist in satisfying the goals of the project in relation to its contribution to the parent organization's goals. All elements of the project are reviewed in an effort to identify and understand strengths and weaknesses.

The project audit thoroughly examines:

  • Project management

  • Methodologies and procedures

  • Records

  • Properties

  • Budgets and expenditures

  • Degree of completion

The result of this audit is a set of recommendations that can help both on-going and future projects to:

  • Anticipate and identify potential problems before they get out of hand

  • Clarify performance, cost, and time relationships

  • Improve project performance

  • Locate opportunities for future technological advances

  • Evaluate the quality of project management

  • Reduce costs

  • Speed the achievement of results

  • Identify mistakes, remedy them, and avoid them in the future

  • Provide information to the client

  • Reconfirm the organization's interest in and commitment to the project

Scheduled Audits The Audit Letter

When an audit is formally...

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Project Management Services
Project management services specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to requirements and constraints. They perform some or all of the activities related to project work, from conceptualization to completion. Emphasis is placed on creating and maintaining project milestones and the project schedule.
Accounting and Financial Services
Accounting and finance services are focused on properly recording the exchange of money and providing/investing capital. Investment and venture capital specialists are included in this group.
Environmental Regulatory and Compliance Services
Environmental regulatory and environmental compliance services perform site and facility assessments, analyze permitting requirements, review designs and recommend modifications, and represent clients before regulatory agencies.
Facility Management Services
Facility management services perform building operations and maintenance, project management, subcontractor management, energy management, budget planning, commissioning and de-commissioning services for buildings and facilities.
Energy Use Consulting Services
Energy use consulting services help businesses design energy-efficient buildings, evaluate current energy usage, and develop energy management plans.

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