From Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Electronic Communication, Second Edition



Refer to the block diagram in Fig. 2-20. If A V = 50 and B = 0.01, will the circuit oscillate? If not, calculate the required value of A V.


Refer again to Fig. 2-20. If A V = 50 and B = 0.04, will the circuit oscillate?


Refer again to Fig. 2-20. If B = -0.05, what value of A V is required to sustain oscillations?


Refer to Fig. 2-20. Assume A V = 100 and B = 0.01. Calculate v fb if V out = 30 V p-p


Refer to Fig. 2-31. Calculate the following: ( a) f osc; ( b) the feedback fraction B; ( c) , , and ; ( d) X T (net reactance) of the L 2 C 3 branch.

Figure 2-31


Refer again to Fig. 2-31. If C 3 is increased to 154.4 pF, calculate: ( a) f osc; ( b) , , and ; ( c) X T of the L 2 C 3 branch.


Refer to Fig. 2-31. Assume that it is desired to obtain an oscillating frequency of 4 MHz. If C 3 = 25 pF and B must equal , calculate: ( a) L T; ( b) L 1 and L 2; ( c) , ,...

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