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Altech Corp. has promoted these products / services:

Altech Corp. - Quality Wire Ducts

Altech wire ducts meet EN50085-2-3 / DIN 43659 standards, offer 18 sizes, and are approved by UL, CSA, and Lloyds Register for flexibility and ease of installation. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Contactors from Altech

1. Altech provides a diverse range of contactor sizes and types to help you choose the most suitable product for your application at prices that align with your project's budget. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Power Distribution Blocks

Altech offers Power Distribution Blocks in Aluminum or Brass, with a 20% savings and quick mounting. They are IP20 Finger Safe, compatible with copper and aluminum cables, and have 6-18 outputs. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Pin & Sleeve Devices

Altech's industrial plugs and sockets, manufactured by ABL Sursum, are reliable, easy-to-install, and built to EN 60309 Part 1 and 2: IEC 60309 standards. Made from polyamide 6, they have anti-tracking properties, color-coded, and high-impact nylon housing, with electrical ratings up to 30A/600V AC. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Multi-Color LED Light

The PLC Applications Multi-Colored LED Light features heat-resistant polycarbonate signal modules, easy installation, a temperature range of -5/+40°C, 100,000-hour electrical life, and IP65 protection. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Stackable Tower Lights

Altech Tower Lights are elegant, stackable, and SMD LED-equipped, offering customizable options, wide voltage range, and IP 65 protection, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Safety Relays from Altech

Altech offers high-quality DOLD safety relays that meet international safety standards. These relays have force guided contacts to prevent contact failure. They come in 2 to 8 poles, 5 to 110VDC, and offer various socket options. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Large line of PCB Terminal Blocks

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks provide reliable connections without wire lugs. Choose tubular screw clamps, box clamps, or screw-cage clamps for economy or heavy-duty applications, with ferrules recommended for export applications. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Dual Terminal Circuit Breakers

Altech offers a diverse selection of circuit breakers, including UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers, UL508 Manual Motor Controllers (MMC), and UL1077 Supplementary Protectors. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Metal Detection Systems

Altech provides Ring Sensors with various operating principles for metal detection in bulk materials, modular Flat Pack Sensors for conveyor belts and chutes, and BD Series TUNNEL Sensors for high detection capacities in the Plastic and Recycling Industry. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Slimline Relays

The RS series Relay module is a slim, Din Rail mountable interface solution with a built-in LED, a SPDT configuration, and a maximum switching current of 6A. It comes with pluggable jumpers, screw terminals, finger protection, IP 20 and IP67 protection ratings, and is UL recognized. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Monitoring Relays

Altech Voltage Monitoring Relays offer various features for monitoring voltage in various systems, including compact industrial designs, undervoltage, window, and supply voltage matching, and phase sequence, phase failure, and asymmetry monitoring, all with a matching measuring voltage. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Process Control, Monitoring & Protection Devices

Altech offers a variety of process control equipment, including protection relays, controllers, timers, and indicators, designed for monitoring phases, voltage, current, frequency, and timing requirements. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Terminal Strips / Eurostrips®

Eurostrips by Altech are a modern, efficient wire-to-wire connection solution with a touch-proof design, customizable pole needs, easy installation, and gas-tight connection, accompanied by various accessories. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech GEOS Industrial Enclosures - Now In Black

GEOS - Industrial and Outdoor Enclosure
High quality materials and an innovative design make the new GEOS series a universal solution and longlasting enclosure for indoor and outdoor applications. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Fuse Holders

Altech offers temperature-resistant Fuse Holders for Cylindrical Fuses, designed with a fuse carrier for protection and easy access. These holders meet IP20 safety standards, are silver-plated, and can be sealed in both ON and OFF positions. Their modular design offers flexibility and convenience. (read more) (read more)

Altech Corp. - Keyed Safety Switches

Keyed safety switches provide fail-safe monitoring for hard guarding gates, panels, and doors to ensure safety compliance and prevent unauthorized access. Choose from 4 different series. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Low Profile Power Supplies

Altech Low Profile Power Supplies are high-efficiency, low-noise, adjustable DC voltage output, Class II isolation, UL62368-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 certified, small, universal input, and three-year warranty. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Marking & Engraving Systems

Make terminal assemblies look professional while increasing wiring efficiency and facilitating troubleshooting. Marking systems can be used to mark terminal block tags, wire markers, shrink tubing, labels and signs. These universal plotters can be used to print many different manufactures products such as ABB, Allen Bradley, ContaClip, Entrelec, Phoenix, Wago, Weidmuller, Wieland and more. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Pre-Assembled & Ready to Assemble Control Stations

Altech offers preassembled control stations in plastic and heavy-duty cast aluminum options, providing high performance, extensive range, and excellent resistance to corrosion and cleaning agents. The company uses the latest CAD system and prototypes for application-specific solutions, saving time and simplifying installation with easy mounting using only a screwdriver. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Plastic Body Limit Switches

Plastic Body Limit Switches are designed for Position, End of Travel, Production Detection, and Safety applications. Altech offers various series with unique features, including C2, TI2, IN49, IN62, IN65, I81, N73, and BI2 Series. These switches offer high reliability, protection class, and easy installation. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Metal Body Limit Switches

Metal Body Limit Switches are designed for various applications, including position, end of travel, production detection, and safety. They offer various designs, high protection classes, and durable features. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Smart Relay

The Altech Smart Relay supports upto 48 I/Os (32 digital inputs & 16 digital outputs). Designed for use in automation for commercial & Industrial sectors. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech's Quality Industrial Enclosures

Altech offers industrial-grade, lightweight, customizable, and customizable industrial-grade enclosures, designed to withstand harsh conditions, corrosion, and UV rays, with easy installation, maintenance, and compatibility with accessories. (read more)

Altech Corp. - PV Fuses

Altech Corp.® provides high-quality solutions for the complete overcurrent and overvoltage protection of applications in the field of photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Quality Chord Grips & Cable Glands

Altech "Cord Grips" protect equipment and devices from moisture, contaminants, and environmental influences, ensuring secure cable placement and reducing stress on termination points. (read more)

Altech Corp. - High Temperature Ceramic EuroBlocks™

High Temperature Ceramic EuroBlocks™ are high-temperature terminal blocks suitable for various applications, including hot melt glue guns, furnaces, heaters, process equipment, and machinery. They can be mounted on panels or used free floating. (read more)

Altech Corp. - DIN Rails from Altech

Altech DIN Rails and PCB Mounting Tracks are designed to save space and labor by mounting terminal blocks, power supplies, and control components into panels. They are made of zinc-plated steel and PVC, with preassembled and precut lengths. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Foot Switches

Altech Foot Switches are robust, slip-resistant, and easy to clean foot switches suitable for industrial and medical applications, offering customization options for ergonomic design and actuation. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Modular APD System

The modular APD system offers flexible solutions for busing common power to various electrical components, simplifying wiring and troubleshooting. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Industrial Electromagnetic Relays

Industrial electromagnetic relays are crucial in power automation, signaling controls, safety systems, and control and electric drives systems. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Interface Modules

Altech offers a range of interface and electronic modules and carriers that can enhance the capabilities of logic systems or connect incompatible systems. These modules and carriers are designed to be easily mounted on DIN rails or panels, providing flexibility in design and simplifying panel layouts. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Test & Measurement

Altech Corp. supplies Hirschmann Test & Measurement products in North America, including test clips, probes, leads, plugs, jacks, sockets, and sets for high voltage handling and specific applications. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Signaling Devices

Altech Signaling Devices are fireproof, easy to install, water and dust resistant, UV-resistant, LED-powered, and suitable for various environments. They offer 8 signal variations, operate in various voltages, and store safely. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Digital Panel Meters

Altech provides a range of digital panel meters that monitor electrical equipment performance and display input signals in a digital format. They are commonly used in process control equipment and applications that require displaying voltage or current information. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Large Selection of DIN Enclosures (8 Series)

Altech offers compact DIN enclosures for electrical, electronic, and electromechanical devices, manufactured by DOLD, offering excellent protection and safety, and being adaptable, economical, and easy to install. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Position Sensors

Altech is an authorized distributor for Bernstein products, which focus on position sensors that convert non-electrical physical quantities into electrical ones. Bernstein offers inductive, capacitive, and magnetic proximity switches, with adjustable sensitivity, reed contact versions, programmable switching points, and IO-Link sensors with analog output. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Solenoid Locking Safety Switches

Bernstein Solenoid locking safety switches from Altech are specifically designed to provide monitoring and security for hard-guarding gates, panels, and doors. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Push Buttons

Altech's 22 and 30mm Push Buttons are cost-effective, easy to assemble, and competitively priced, suitable for direct and remote management applications, showcasing exceptional quality. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Corrugated Tubes

Safeguard your cables by utilizing corrugated tubes. Crafted from flame retardant Polyamide 6, these tubes provide exceptional protection against impact and abrasion for your cables. With their remarkable flexibility and extended fatigue life, they are the perfect choice for any installation scenario. (read more)

Altech Corp. - UL 489, UL 508 and UL 1077 Busbars

Altech has an established line of UL1077/ UL508 Busbars with ratings up to 200A. They are UL recognized and listed for use with most competitor's supplementary protectors and manual motor controllers. (read more)

Altech Corp. - UL1077 AC Supplementary Protectors

Altech offers UL1077 AC Supplementary Protectors for additional protection in control circuits and load side of branch circuit protectors, with options up to 63A, 480Y/277VAC, and 10kA short circuit withstand rating. (read more)

Altech Corp. - UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers

The UL 489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers are suitable for AC and DC applications, featuring a 17.5mm width and thermal magnetic properties. They come with accessories like an auxiliary contact, alarm switch, shunt trip, neutral pole, touch protection caps, cooling spacer, mounting screw, and lock-out adapter. (read more)

Altech Corp. - UL508 Manual Motor Controllers

Altech is the top US supplier of UL508 Manual Motor Controllers (MMC), offering AC up to 60A and DC up to 80VDC in 2 poles, with a 10kA short circuit withstand capacity, ensuring selectivity for application designs. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Compact and Durable DC Disconnect Switches

With a number of challenges concerning the design, manufacturing, and delivery of all types of electrical components, it is important for companies to design new products with a full understanding of customer needs and market realities. Disconnect switches are such a key component to most applications that the proper design along with assured deliveries is essential. (read more)

Altech Corp. - DC-UPS Backup with Ethernet Interface

The DC-UPS Backup with Ethernet Interface, equipped with MODBUS RTU, offers a comprehensive power solution with adjustable current and seamless integration into existing systems. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Wall and Rail Mounting Receptacles

Altech offers UL approved receptacles with panel, wall, DIN rail, and built-in options, 15A/125V AC rating, IP54 finger protection, thermoplastic insulation, and three colors. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Quality Ferrules and Crimpers

Altech, a trusted supplier of wire ferrules, now offers UL recognized ferrules for UL508A panels, made of durable tin-plated copper with polypropylene plastic insulating collars. The company offers a comprehensive range of ferrules, tools, and crimpers, catering to various industry needs. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech PCB Plug-In Connectors

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks provide reliable connections without wire lugs. Choose tubular screw clamps, box clamps, or screw-cage clamps for economy or heavy-duty applications. PCB connectors are essential for electronic devices. (read more)

Altech Corp. - DFS Series - Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

Compact DIN rail mount RCCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers detect and interrupt ground faults. They are VDE approved for the European System (NOT UL Apporved as GFCI) of protecting people, animals, equipment and property from dangerous line-to-ground and shock hazard currents. (read more)