Altech Corp. has promoted these products / services:

Altech Corp. - Next Generation - Fully Enclosed Relay Modules

Completely enclosed design assures no-shock hazards with an IP20 protection. Ensures that critical components are not exposed to heat or dust deterioration, which can reduce the life of the module or cause untimely component failure. Aesthetically enhanced look of the product is an ideal fit in modern control cabinets. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Compact and Durable DC Disconnect Switches

With a number of challenges concerning the design, manufacturing, and delivery of all types of electrical components, it is important for companies to design new products with a full understanding of customer needs and market realities. Disconnect switches are such a key component to most applications that the proper design along with assured deliveries is essential. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech DC-UPS Backup for Medical Designs

• Power Supply Unit
• Battery Charger
• Battery Care Module
• Backup Module
Input 110-230-277V AC
Outputs *
•12V up to 35A
•24V up to 20A
•48V up to 10A (read more)

Altech Corp. - Terminal Blocks for Medical Designs

• Wide Range of Terminals
• NEW Push-in, Screw Clamp,
• Spring Clamp and Panel Mount
• Power Distribution
• Disconnect & Test Terminals (read more)

Altech Corp. - Foot Switches for Medical Designs

Internationally approved Foot Switches accomodate demanding industrial and specialty medical applications. They can be easily customized with nameplates, imprints, cordsets, connectors and strain reliefs. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Pin & Sleeve Devices

Altech's line of industrial plugs and sockets have a rugged construction using a polyamide 6 material which provides good anti-tracking properties and high resistance to aggressive industrial use. (read more)

Altech Corp. - IF-Series: Single Tower Light with 5 Colors

Multi-function LED signal tower 5 colors, Ø55mm with Buzzer and Flasher. Single Unit - 5 colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. (read more)

Altech Corp. - PV Fuse Solutions

Altech Corp.® provides high-quality solutions for the complete overcurrent and overvoltage protection of applications in the field of photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Circuit Breakers for Medical Designs
  • UL 489, UL 508 and UL 1077 available
  • AC or DC UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • UL508 Manual Motor Controllers
  • “Suitable as Motor Disconnect”
  • Three Phase Adjustable Trip Miniature
  • Circuit Breakers/ Manual Motor Controllers
  • Two lines of UL1077 Recognized Supplementary Protectors
(read more)
Altech Corp. - Altech Quality Enclosures for Medical Designs

Altech enclosures provide needed protection in a functional and creative way while enhancing the value of your product with their appealing design. These enclosures will meet the most demanding requirements for housing and protecting components and devices in light to heavy duty industrial environments. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Quality Cable Glands for Medical Designs

Altech "Cord Grips" meet all national and international standards for performance and safety and are offered in combinations of different body materials and sealing inserts to meet almost any application requirement. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Blocks that Handle the Heat

Suitable for use in high temperature applications up to 600°C (1112°F). Applications include hot melt glue guns, furnaces, heaters, process equipment and machinery. Terminal blocks are offered with mounting holes for panel mounting or free floating applications. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Modular Power Distribution

Altech's modular Power Distribution (APD) System is a new way to simplify existing wiring methods! The modular APD system provides flexible solutions for busing common power to many different electrical components. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Suspension Systems from Altech

Most machines require direct access to the operating or MMI panels to control programming and run functions. In some cases simultaneous visual inspection of specific parts of the machine may also be necessary, creating the need to move the panel to a better viewing position. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Panel Accessories - Mechanical Thermostats

The APT Altech Mechanical Panel Thermostats are designed to control the air temperature inside of enclosures and control panels. They can be used for enclosure heaters, cooling equiptment (e.g filter fans), or signal devices. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Industrial Relays

Industrial electromagnetic relays are used mainly in industrial and power automation applications, in signaling controls, safety and protection systems and control and electric drives systems. (read more)

Altech Corp. - ATEX Products from Altech

Altech has a large selection of ATEX Products:
Choose from:

  • Enclosures
    • Aluminum Enclosures
    • Polyester Enclosures
  • Strain Reliefs
  • Motor Disconnect Switch Aluminum Enclosures
  • Safety Switches
    • Snap-action Switch
    • Position Switch series ENM2 and GC, Rope Pull Switch
(read more)
Altech Corp. - Metal Body Limit Switches

Metal Body Limit Switches for Position, End of Travel, Production Detection & Safety Application. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Economy - Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors

Altech Cylindrical sensors are available in diameters ranging from 8mm (.32 in.) to 30mm (1.18 in.) with sensing distances up to 15mm (0.59 in.). Most models feature nickel plated brass (BN) and stainless steel (SS). (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Push Buttons

Altech 22 and 30mm Push Buttons offer ideal cost-effective solutions for control circuits utilizing both direct and remote management applications. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Test & Measurement, Exclusive Supply of Hirschmann

Test and Measurement devices including clamp-type test probes, alligator clips, test probes and more. Altech can offer you the clamp-type test probe that you need, even special solutions, to enable access to difficult to access places. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Largest Selection of DIN Enclosures

Build or maintain your competitive edge in the world markets. Enhance the value of your products and devices by packaging them attractively with enclosures from Altech. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Broad Line - Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks

Modular and insulated PCB terminal blocks are utilized to secure two or more wires together and terminate them on printed circuit boards. These devices consist of multiple individual terminals arranged in a long strip, providing a simple yet effective solution for wire termination and connection. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Selecting PCB Connectors for Your Applications

Printed circuit board (PCB) connectors are a critical component for a wide variety of applications from desktop electronics to industrial equipment and machines. (read more)

Altech Corp. - PCB Terminal Blocks - Electronic Interconnections

Designing PCBs with terminal blocks requires an understanding of the types of terminal blocks available, the best way for them to be packaged for delivery, and how to solder them to reduce the potential for failure. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Modular DIN Enclosure System for Innovative Design

DIN enclosure systems are widely used in industrial applications but have been limited in their versions. Modular DIN enclosures are providing systems design engineers more options to work with. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Top Tips: Selecting Probes, Clips & Leads

Whether you’re working in a laboratory, a medical facility, or an industrial plant, if you’re using test and measurement equipment of any type, you will need a variety of leads, clips, probes, plugs, and sockets. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Corporation Products for Electronic Design

Some of our products that are used in the electronic design are printed circuit board terminal blocks, DIN enclosures and test & Measurement devices. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Ease of Push-in Technology - Terminal Blocks

Altech offers a wide selection of Connectwell Terminal Blocks.
The new Connectwell CP Series combines tool-free wiring simplicity and speed with connectors that are gas- and corrosion-resistant and can tolerate tough environments. severe vibrations, too. All in an extremely small, dense, and thin structure with a thickness of just 3.5 mm. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Terminal Blocks used for Toll Booths

High-reliability Connectwell Terminal Blocks and slim relays
Vietnam's Transport Ministry implemented Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems to manage traffic and reduce time and fuel costs. The systems use RFID technology and automatic number plate recognition cameras. (read more)

Altech Corp. - High Voltage Terminal Blocks

Altech offers a wide selection of Connectwell Terminal Blocks.

In the photovoltaic (PV) industry, there has been a rising need for higher-voltage PV systems as the globe continues to turn to renewable sources of energy. Due to the rise in demand, UL has created standards for 1500V PV module testing and certification. (read more)

Altech Corp. - CY Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

Altech offers a wide selection of Connectwell Terminal Blocks.
Connectwell's high-performance CY Series uses the reliable and tested screw clamp technology. They are designed to meet the most demanding application specifications. The benefits of this new line-up of Terminal Blocks include their small size, pluggable jumpers, distinctive marking scheme, and low accessor... (read more)

Altech Corp. - Corrugated Tubes

POLYFLEX®, PA 6 normal profile conduit - Corrugated Tubes

Protect your cables with corrugated tubes. Made from flame retardant Polyamide 6, these tubes will protect cables from impact and abrasion. They are highly flexible and have a high fatigue life, making them ideal for any installation. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Standard Slot Wire Duct

The Panel building market has very specific needs. This unique cable management system developed specifically for use within cabinets and control panels. Select Standard, Thin, Closed Slot and Unslotted depending on the application. Available in a number of sizes and colors, manufactured in standard PVC material. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Signaling Devices

These signaling devices have a fireproof plastic body and polycarbonate lens. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Analog / Digital Protection Relays

Altech is pleased to offer a variety of protection relays covering:
• Phase Monitoring
• Voltage Monitoring
• Current Monitoring
• Frequency Monitoring
• Current Leakage / Ground Fault Monitoring (read more)

Altech Corp. - PCB Plug-In Connectors

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks give you highly dependable connections without the need for wire lugs. Choose either tubular screw clamps or box clamps when economy is paramount or screw-cage clamps for heavy-duty applications.

PCB connectors, are a crucial component of any electronic device; as they transfer the connection between a circuit board and its parts. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech PC Series Contactors

Altech offers a wide variety of contactor sizes and types so that you can select the best product for your application at a prices that will fit your projects budget. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech's Voltage Protection Relay

• Voltage Monitoring 3-Phase/ 3 Wire, 3-Phase/ 4 Wire
• True RMS Measurement
• Power ON Delay, Trip Delay, Recovery Delay
• 2 Independent Relays (Protection or Alarm)
• Compact DIN Rail Design (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Multi-Function Meters - MFM384-C-CU

MFM Series: Multi-Function Meters
• Programmable CT Primary, PT Primary/Secondary
• RS485 Modbus RTU Communication
• Single Pulse Output (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech's Universal Multi-Timer

Altech's Universal Multi-Timers comprises models featuring 2 or 10 timing functions to offer highest flexibility in controlling operations. The time range is adjustable from 0.1s to 100h. Dials on the front make it easy to use. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech Corp. Metal Detection Systems

Altech offers 3 types of Ring Sensors with different operating principles. They have different features and advantages. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Slimline Relays

If your needs go beyond our comprehensive range of standard interface and electronic modules, Altech can custom design a module to meet even the most sophisticated requirements. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Compact Power Supplies

ltech has recently introduced a new range of highly compact, efficient switch mode power supplies for automation applications that perfectly meet today’s customer requirements. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Push Buttons and Enclosures

Metallic 22 & 30 mm Push Buttons and Pilot Lights. Altech Push Buttons offer ideal cost-effective solutions for control circuits utilizing both direct and remote management applications. Ease of assembly has been engineered into the design; the only tool necessary for installation is a screwdriver. (read more)

Altech Corp. - DC-UPS Solutions

Occasional power outages are a fact of life, but when the power goes out, an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) from Altech can step in when the standard power source goes offline. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Flexible & Durable - Corrugated Tubing

Altech tubing is used in many wind turbines throughout the world. Protect your cables with corrugated tubes. (read more)

Altech Corp. - High-tech Components and Innovation

High-tech components and innovation result in efficient, compact power supplies for automation applications.

Automation is the key factor driving enhanced manufacturing productivity. Machines and robots that do not tire, get sick or need vacations will be used in rapidly escalating numbers. But many industrial operations demand humans and robots work together. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Altech UPS Products

Altech UPS Products Meet a Wide Variety of Application Requirements

A UPS operates by storing energy during normal operation, then supplies backup power immediately following a shutdown. The length of time needed varies by application. (read more)

Altech Corp. - Reliable Back-Up Power

Reliable back-up power prevents machine damage and data loss

A broad selection of reliable, high-quality DC-UPS back-up power systems is available from industrial automation and control components supplier Altech Corp., including the C-TEC and AKKUTEC DC-UPS systems designed and manufactured by J. Schneider Elektrotechnik. (read more)