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Schmersal Inc. - Compact Safety Light Curtains with Bluetooth

Schmersal’s SLC440COM Safety light curtains are used to detect hands of fingers entering a protected hazardous area. Now available with a Bluetooth interface (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - IP69K rated solenoid interlock

The AZM300 is not a typical solenoid latching keyed interlock. It was designed with an IP69K rating for hygienic applications and includes an RFID based electronic safety sensor offering indivdual coding of actuators. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Programmable Safety Controller PSC1

The PROTECT PSC1 programmable safety controller is extremely flexible for various applications. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Edge System

The Series SE Optical Safety Edge is designed to safeguard crushing or shearing points on guard doors, elevating platforms, loading ramps, or other mobile equipment. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - ZQ900 Emergency Cable-Pull Switch

The ZQ900 is designed to provide continuous emergency stop control for cable lengths up to 164 feet (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - AZ16: The Standard Safety Interlock Switch

The AZ16 is a safety interlock switch with separate actuator for use with movable machine guards/access gates which must be closed for operator safety. Its tamper-resistant design and wide selection of options and accessories make it one of the best selling safety switches in the world. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Pressure Mats

Safety pressure mats are used to safeguard personnel around machinery with hazardous movement. Applying pressure to the mat surface closes the normally open circuit and a connected safety controller evaluates this signal and stops the hazardous movement. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - SFB Safety Field Box

The SFB is a safety field box for PROFINET/PROFIsafe systems which allows simple plug-and-play installation of up to eight safety devices. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - IP69K Safety Sensor

The BNS40S from Schmersal is a non-contact safety sensor designed for the food and beverage industry. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Multifunctional Safety Light Curtains

Schmersal’s SLC440 Series Safety Light Curtains and Safety Light Grids incorporate a full range of functions, highly visable signaling, and an alignment aid in a rugged housing. Now with a Bluetooth interface for access to the operational data of the Safety Light Curtain via smartphones or tablets. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - AS-I Integrated Safety Solutions

A wide variety of Schmersal safety switchgear is available in versions with integrated AS-i Safety Interface. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Magnetic Lock With Electronic Safety Sensor

The MZM100 uses a non-contact electronic safety sensor to monitor guard closure and an electromagnet provides a locking force in insure the guard stays closed during hazardous operations. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - RFID Electronic Safety Sensor in a Popular Housing

The RSS16 incorporates the RFID based electronic safety sensor for machine guards in a body type which matches our popular AZ16 electro-mechanical keyed interlock switch and BNS16 coded magnet sensor. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Compact coded magnet sensor BNS260

The IP67 rated, compact BNS260 is ideal for use on movable machine guards in hostile environments. It features a coded magnet operation that is tamper resistant and tolerates minor misalignments. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Compact Hinged Safety Switch

The TESK safety hinge switch is designed to replace conventional hinges and provides monitoring of the position of machine guards which must be closed for operator safety. The TESK offers a greater rotation angle than ever before: Hinges are free to swing open through 270°. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Compact Safety Rated Limit Switch

The PS116 series is an extremely versatile yet compact and robust limit switch for determining the position of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Light Curtains with Muting Function

The SLC445 safety light curtain offers the functions of muting, cyclic operation, and multi-scan. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Electronic Solenoid Interlock With Door Handle

The AZM201 solenoid interlock features a door handle actuator with optional emergency release handle and an integrated RFID electronic safety sensor for indivdual coding of actuators. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - IP69K Rated Control Devices

A series of pushbuttons, indicator lights and other control devices designed to meet hygienic and wash down requirements (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Compact Safety Laser Scanner UAM

This safety laser scanner is for point of operation safety, presence detection in hazardous areas, or collision detection on AGVs. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety controllers for standstill monitoring

The new FWS versions of our SRB-E safety controller combines the functions of safe standstill monitoring and safety time delay relay in a single component (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety light curtains for wash down applications

An IP69 Rated housing is available for Schmersal safety light curtains, suitable for hygienic and sanitary applications subject to high temperature and high pressure wash downs. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Motorized Bolt Lock with RFID

The AZM400 from Schmersal is a safety rated bistable motorized bolt lock with an integrated RFID sensor. It features a locking force of 10,000 N, LED diagnostics, intelligent locking and a large tolerance for misalignment. It achieves PLe for safety guard locking and can be used as a Type 4 device per ISO14119. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Limit switch series with safety function

The PS Series of limit switches are highly modular, with many actuator head types, for position detection and safety guard monitoring applications (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Installation Systems

Schmersal safety installation systems are aids for configuring complex machine systems with quick and simple wiring of safety switchgear in series, significantly reducing the wiring involved. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - PSC1 Programmable Safety Controller

The PROTECT PSC1 programmable safety controller is extremely flexible for various applications. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Light Curtains from Schmersal

Safety light curtains are a non-separating guard used for the protection of hazardous areas. They detect the passage of objects and direct the machine to stop the hazard. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Solenoid interlock with RFID sensor: AZM300

The AZM300 is not a typical solenoid latching keyed interlock. It was designed with an RFID based electronic safety sensor, an IP69K rating for hygienic applications, and other distinct features. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Electronic Safety Controllers SRB-E

The PROTECT SRB-E series are multifunctional, configurable, electronic safety controllers. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Compact Safety Light Barriers

The SLB240 and SLB440 series are single beam, infrared safety light barriers with durable housings, visible diagnostic signals, and 4 stage coding (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - RFID Safety Sensor

The RSS36 Series uses enhanced RFID technology to provide non-contact sensing of machine guards. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Solenoid-Latching Safety Interlock Switch

This solenoid-locking switch controls access to hazardous areas until safe conditions exist. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Coded Magnet Sensor BNS36

The Series BNS36 coded-magnet sensors are designed for use as a safety interlock switch on movable machine guards/articulating robot arms. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - IP69K Stainless Steel Electronic Safety Sensor

The CSS30S is a non-contact, electronic safety sensor designed to monitor the closed position of hinged, sliding or removable safety guards with the aid of a coded actuator. Its stainless steel housing and IP69K rating makes it ideal for hygienic and extreme wash down applications. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Two Hand Control

Two-hand control consoles are designed to require machine operators to use both hands to initiate a machine control action to insure that the operator's hands are kept away from the hazardous area of a machine during operation. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - A Modular Solution For Machine Controls

The BDF200 is a compact, modular system for machine controls, such as e-stop or startup, and suitable for placement at guard doors. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Compact RFID Electronic Safety Sensor

Schmersal has applied Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in the new RSS260 series electronic safety sensor. The RSS260 is designed for application in safety circuits monitoring the position of hinged, sliding or removable guards using a specifically coded, passive RFID tag in the actuator. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Bluetooth interface for safety light curtains

Schmersal has upgraded our SLC440 and SLC440COM safety light curtains with a Bluetooth interface, to provide remote, real-time diagnostic and performance data to smartphones and tablets. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Safety Foot Switch

The TFH Safety Foot Switch from Schmersal utilizes a three stage operation - the switch contacts engage when the foot pedal is depressed to a mid-point, but will disengage when released or when fully depressed. It is typically used in applications where interaction between the operator and machine is required (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Key Transfer Guard Locking System

This trapped key system from Schmersal is used to scure safety guards on machinery or work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be controlled until safe conditions exist. (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - Schmersal tec.nicum offers engineering services

Schmersal tec.nicum offers product- and manufacturer-neutral consultation on important matters relating to machine safety and work protection. Our TÜV Certified Functional Safety Engineers for Machinery can plan and realize complex solutions for safety around the world in close collaboration with clients.

... (read more)

Schmersal Inc. - The Gatekeeper Newsletter

The Gatekeeper is a free newsletter that is distributed via e-mail, several times a year. The newsletter features safety related articles, Schmersal product information, upcoming events, Ask The Expert, and more. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Schmersal Inc.:


Schmersal is proud to introduce the PS116 Series of compact and robust limit switches for determining the position of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated.


Schmersal is proud to announce the release of our latest RFID-based electronic safety sensor, the compact RSS260, designed for application in safety circuits of hinged, sliding or removable safety guards.


The SLC445 Series, Type 4 Safety Light Curtains offers muting, cyclic operation, and multiple scan functions in addition to a wide range of integrated functions which are easily configurable without the need of a special tool or software.


SLC440 Safety Light curtains are designed for ease of installation and use in most applications by integrating easily programmed functions, highly visible signaling, and an alignment aid, all in a rugged housing.


The RSS36 is an IP69K rated electronic safety sensor with versatile mounting options that uses RFID for a high level of protection against tampering.


Tarrytown, NY, June 24, 2013 - Schmersal is proud to introduce the AZM300: A unique combination of solenoid locking keyed interlock and RFID safety sensor.


Schmersal is pleased to announce the release of the Series BDF control box stations. The Series BDF control station provides operators and maintenance personnel with the ability to E-Stop, control start up, ..


Tarrytown NY, September 3, 2010…..Schmersal is pleased to announce the release of their IP69K rated safety light curtains and grids.


Tarrytown, NY, September 3rd 2010 … Schmersal is pleased to announce the introduction of their new family of panel-mounted pushbuttons, E-stops, selector switches, potentiometers, and flat & protruding LED-based indicator lights


Tarrytown, NY, January 29, 2007 … SCHMERSAL is pleased to announce the addition of the Series S900 Tensioning Device to their family of Emergency cable-pull wire switch installation accessories.


Tarrytown, NY; October 16, 2006 ... SCHMERSAL is pleased to introduce their new family of Safety Category 4 light curtains wth muting and blanking capability.