Leadless Thermistors Datasheets

Temperature Sensors - PTC Thermistors -- 495-2408-1-ND
from Digi-Key Electronics

THERMISTOR PTC 470OHM 75DEG 0603 [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Resistance (@25°C): 470
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 125
  • Features: PTC
196 Series, leadless chip thermistor in silver, 1,000 Ohm resistance, ±10.0% tolerance, 25/85 BETA = 3348 -- 196-102DAG-001
from Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things

196 Series Thermistors may be attached to hybrid circuits, integrated circuits or printed circuit boards by epoxy bonding or soldering. Their uniform size allows these products to be used in robotic assembly. The electrode is available in silver or gold with or without pre-tinning to promote... [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Thermal Time Constant: 15
  • Resistance (@25°C): 1000
  • Beta: 3348
Gold Chip Thermistor -- CAT-NTC0048
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

NTC Thermistor Sensors and Probe Assemblies. Our NTC thermistor sensors are encapsulated (with leads), leadless chip, SMD and space qualified (HI REL) NTC thermistors. TE's NTC thermistor probe assemblies are surface, air-gas, HVAC-R, liquid and patient temperature sensors configured with... [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Resistance (@25°C): 44.17 to 4.07E6
  • Temperature Range: -55 to 125
  • Special Reference Temperature: 25
Thermistors -- Accurate Leaded and Leadless
from AVX Corporation

NTC Accurate Leaded and Leadless. Features & Benefits. Resistance tolerance from ±1%. Multiple temperature stability options. Customized solutions. Typical Applications. Temperature measurement in automotive. Temperature measurement in industrial. Temperature measurement in custom high... [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless (optional feature); Radial (optional feature)
  • Resistance (@25°C): 2000 to 100000
  • Temperature Range: -55 to 150
  • Package / Electrode Type: Bead
ST Series -- ST16-103
from RFE International, Inc.

Temperature compensating, size 0603 [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Resistance (@25°C): 10000
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 125
  • Accuracy: 5
JNT Series
from Trigon Components, Inc.

SERIES. JNT. DESCRIPTION. Chip, Temperature Compensation. ZERO POWER RESISTANCE. 2K to 200Kohm. THERMAL DISSIPATION CONSTANT. <1.5mw_ Deg C. THERMAL TIME CONSTANT. <5sec. PACKAGE. SMD. FEATURE. •Operating Temperature Range: -40~125 Deg C. •Application: Mobile Cell, Battery Charger,... [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Resistance (@25°C): 2000 to 200000
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 125
  • Thermal Time Constant: 5
"MELF" Style Thermistors
from U.S. Sensor

U.S. Sensor offers a wide selection of NTC thermistors for a variety of applications in industries such as automotive, food handling and processing, telecommunications, medical and scientific research, military/defense, and consumer electronics where accurate temperature measurement and control are... [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Beta: 2941 to 4369
  • Resistance (@25°C): 500 to 1.00E6
  • Dissipation Constant: 1 to 3
NTC Chip Thermistor -- NTC0201

Ideally suited for temperature sensors and compensators [See More]

  • Lead Style: Leadless
  • Resistance (@25°C): 1300 to 200000
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 125
  • Beta: 3950