Intel® Extended Hex Device Programmers Datasheets

Automated Programming System -- 3610
from BPM Microsystems

Superior device support, automatic self teaching, fast and easy changeovers [See More]

  • File Format: Intel Hex; Intel Extended Hex; Intel 32-bit Hex; Motorola S-Record; Binary; ASCII; JEDEC; POF; Tekhex, SDSMAC, AFM, OMF & Others
  • Type / Capability: Multi-Site Programmer / Gang Mode
  • Operating Mode: Stand-alone Workstation; Production Unit; Stand Alone, Prod Unit
  • Devices Supported: CMOS; PROM; BPROM; EPROM; EEPROM; FLASH; PLD; EPLD; CPLD; PAL; GAL; Microcontrollers; PIC; FPGA; Antifuse; SPLD, FPGA

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