Basket / Tray Ultrasonic Cleaners and Cleaning Systems Datasheets

Ultrasonic Cleaner LABORETTE 17, size I
from Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

For gentle cleaning of test sieves, micro-precision sieves and other sensitive parts without damaging them. Also for dispersing of suspensions for particle size analysis. Fill volume: 5.6 litres. Areas of application. For especially gentle and damage-free cleaning of even extremely sensitive parts... [See More]

  • Part Loading: TopLoad; Basket
  • Tank Capacity: 2
  • Machine Type: (CompleteSystem)
  • Frequency: 35
Custom Designed Wash System -- 6 gallon Wash/ Rinse System
from Ultrasonic Power Corporation

This ultrasonic cleaning system is designed as a precision ultrasonic cleaning system. The system provides for a two stage cleaning process. The system utilizes water and detergent in the ultrasonic cleaning tank. The rinse station is immersion rinse tank. Parts are manually transported through the... [See More]

  • Part Loading: TopLoad; Basket (optional feature)
  • Components: Ultrasonic Transducer; Ultrasonic Generator
  • Machine Type: (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 6
Mesh Basket -- 100-916-333 [100-916-333 from Branson Ultrasonics Corp.]
from All-Spec Industries

5 " x 4-3/4 " x 3 " [See More]

  • Part Loading: Basket
  • Components: Mesh Basket
  • Machine Type: (Component)
  • Internal Length: 5.0
Console Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank -- CH-1410
from Cleaning Technologies Group

Options include metered chemical feed, needle valve & flow meter [See More]

  • Part Loading: FrontLoad; TopLoad (optional feature); Basket (optional feature)
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Ultrasonic Transducer; Ultrasonic Generator; Filtration System or Oil Separator (optional feature); Wash Tank or Sump Tub; Heater; Pump (optional feature)
  • Machine Type: (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 6
Ultrasonic Cleaners -- C1000
from Qsonica, LLC

C1000. High Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater. Specially designed for medium and heavy duty industrial applications, this cleaner features a fully integrated ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank in a single enclosure. Conveniently handles large, bulky parts or batch cleaning of small... [See More]

  • Part Loading: Suspension; TopLoad; Basket
  • Tank Capacity: 10
  • Components: Ultrasonic Transducer; Ultrasonic Generator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub
  • Frequency: 40
Ultrasonic Bath -- UR 1
from Retsch, Inc.

RETSCH's product range includes three sizes of ultrasonic baths for cleaning test sieves and grinding tools quickly and easily. UR 1 is for test sieves up to 203 mm dia., UR 2 for test sieves up to 400 mm dia., and the UR 3 for the simultaneous cleaning of up to 5 test sieves 200/203 mm dia. The... [See More]

  • Part Loading: TopLoad; Basket
  • Components: Ultrasonic Transducer; Ultrasonic Generator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub
  • Machine Type: (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 1.51