Frequency Chart Recorders Datasheets

DataChart® Paperless Recorder -- DC6000
from Monarch Instrument

The DataChart 6000 is the most advanced paperless recording system available. It incorporates the latest in measurement, communication, interface and processing technologies to deliver unmatched performance for your data acquisition application. [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Video
  • Digital I/O Channels: 12
  • Channels: 12
  • Sampling Frequency: 0.0100
ThermaViewer™ -- TDVD-01
from 2DI (Two-Dimensional Instruments, LLC)

Uses digital sensor as a probe [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: X-Y; Strip; Video; X Y Graphic
  • Channels: 2
  • Number of Plots: 2
  • Digital I/O Channels: 2
Monarch Instrument DataChart 6000 Paperless Recorder
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

The Monarch Instrument DataChart 6000 advanced paperless data acquisition system features a compact design and a high contrast, 5.6 inch color Active Matrix TFT LCD dislay with a rugged touch screen. This touch screen also features direct on screen chart annotation which will allow you to make notes... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Video
  • Data Acquisition: Datalogger
  • Channels: 12
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input
Measurement and Control Platform -- CRONOS-PL
from imc DataWorks, LLC

CRONOS-PL is the first ever realization of the integrated platform concept, so popular in the automotive industry, applied to a data acquisition system. "Integrated Measurement Engineering" opens new possibilities in measurement technology for development, testing, production and service... [See More]

  • Channels: 512
  • Digital I/O Channels: 100
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Sampling Frequency: 100
System 470
from NEFF Instruments, LLC

Low-level moderate-speed, low-priced modular system for computer-based DAQ [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular (optional feature); X-Y (optional feature); Video (optional feature); Bars, Dials
  • Channels: 512
  • Number of Plots: 10
  • Differential Channels: Yes
Flatbed 1-Pen Recorder -- 1241
from SOLTEC - an NEC Group Company

1-Pen Recorder. STANDARD CONFIGURATION A standard 1240 Series Recorder is complete with 23 switch selected chart speeds (1cm/hour to 60cm/minute) and a 1240-MDL-B plug in input module (17 spans, 1mVDC to 200VDC) for each pen (channel). Supplied with one pen and one roll of paper. For configuration... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Strip
  • Accuracy: 0.2500
  • Channels: 1
  • Data Acquisition: Datalogger