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  • Littelfuse Varistors - Basic Properties, Terminology and Theory (.pdf)
    characteristics. These boundaries are responsible for blocking conduction at low voltages and are the source of the nonlinear electrical conduction at higher voltages. an9767. Littelfuse Varistors - Basic Properties,. Terminology and Theory. Application Note. July 1999. AN9767.1. What Is A Littelfuse Varistor
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Topologies (Part I)
    current continues to flow in the same. Factor (a) determines whether the power supply. direction, as the stored energy within the inductor. topology should be buck, boost or buck-boost type. continues to supply the load current. The diode D1. Factors (b) and (c) determine whether or not the power
  • Solid-state relays
    trigger-current to actuate the power device. Optical coupling is the most widely used type because the components are small and inexpensive. Moreover, on/off switching times are faster, and the blocking voltages also typically far exceed those possible with transformer-coupled units. The majority of SSRs can
  • Design Considerations When Applying Various ASD Topologies to Meet Harmonic Compliance
    . For a typical 3-phase rectifier. bridge, the predominant harmonic. currents that will be generated are 5th,. 7th, 11th and 13th. Typical current. distortion levels range from 35% to over. 80% depending upon the supply. impedance and whether or not an AC or. DC reactor is applied to the drive. To reduce
  • Teccor Thyristors - Miscellaneous Design Tips and Facts (.pdf)
    but is. established from average current rating at 180º conduction. (5) Increases t time. q. as given in the data sheet for any particular device type. The maximum T curve is then derated down to the. C. Primary Purpose. maximum junction (T ). The curves illustrated in Figure. J. (1) Decrease DC gate sensitivity
  • Designing a Base Station Coil for the HCS410
    the capacitor from ground. age drop across the blocking diode D1 and filter resistor. The magnetic field produced by a coil is directly propor-. R17. tional to coil current. The base station coil (L1) forms. The total RLC circuit resistance RTOTAL is fixed by the. part of a series RLC circuit that resonates
  • A High Power Solid State T-R Switch
    state is forward-biased in the second state. There are internal DC blocking capacitors in series with the two switched RF. ports, as wel as between each switch section and the antenna port. 5. Figure 4. The SKY12204 Equivalent Circuit. The isolation state is produced by applying 50 mA forward bias
  • Littelfuse "ML" Multilayer Surface Mount Surge Suppressors (.pdf)
    energy switching and high voltage. transients, the open-circuit voltage, the short circuit-current,. sparkover, or electrostatic discharge. These transients may be. and the source impedance of the circuit must be known. EMP AND. EMI AND ESD. LIGHTNING. • DIODES. WAVE MIXER. GP SIGNAL. RECTIFIERS
  • Using the MCP1631 Family to Develop Low-Cost Battery Chargers
    the battery voltage a. SEPIC can buck or boost the input voltage. components and a safer battery charger. SEPIC Converter. Capacitive Isolation. Coupled Inductor. C. Blocking Diode. C. +12V Input. +Vbatt. CIN. 1. 1. COUT. ISENSE. Switch. Batteries. VEXT. CS. Input Current. RLIMIT. FIGURE 3: SEPIC Topology
  • Teccor Thyristors used as AC Static Switches and Relays (.pdf)
    illustrates an analysis to better understand. Figure AN1007.2. Analysis of Static Switch. a typical static switch circuit. The circuit operation occurs. when switch S is closed, since the Triac Q will initially. 1. 1. be in the blocking condition. Current flow will be through. load R , S , R