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  • Galil SSI Encoder Interface (.pdf)
    This application note will discuss the special SSI firmware created by Galil for interfacing to SSI encoders. Galil has created two distinct versions of the SSI firmware, and this note will cover the version created after the second quarter of 2006. For literature on the prior version of SSI
  • Un-tether Your Encoder: Go Wireless
    and connectors could be eliminated. Unfortunately, that never was very easy to accomplish - until recently. Now, a new encoder interface called SwiftCommTM overcomes this problem; it is wireless and can provide all the range, accuracy, and robustness that you heart desires. Despite the most common
  • Interfacing a KEELOQ (R) Encoder to a PLL Circuit
    Most of the recently introduced advanced KEELOQ (R) Encoders, like the HCS362, HCS365, HCS370 and HCS412, have provisions for controlling a multiple stage RF transmitter or a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuit. This Technical Brief will provide a few hints on how to interface advanced KEELOQ Encoders
  • AN-00157 - Connecting to the Serial Interface on the MT Series Transcoders
    The MT Series transcoder is a remote control encoder and decoder in a single package. It is. designed for bi-directional remote control applications, such as Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) with confirmation. However, the MT Series is capable of much more thanks to a Serial Interface Engine (SIE). While
  • Can do
    the controller with the motor shaft position for proper commutation via the serial interface, replacing the conventional +/-10V encoder interface. In a distributed system, the encoder is connected to the drive locally, not to the host controller. The motor shaft information is used by the drive
  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM Motors using dsPIC30F or dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers
    -to-Digital Converters (ADCs) DSC family. * Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) When performing controller routines and implementing Why Use the FOC Algorithm? digital filters, dsPIC DSCs enable designers to optimize The traditional control method for BLDC motors drives code because MAC instructions
  • Talk this way
    How position encoders should communicate with controllers often depends on compatibility issues rather than raw speed. An absolute encoder includes a coding disk in binary or gray code format, the electronics to read it, and communications circuits. A multiturn encoder may have several disks
  • Dedicated Boards
    cages. They take high-level positioning commands such as move the slide 10 inches from computers on other cards. These servocontroller systems also provide dedicated interface hardware to accept and process position-encoder feedback signals and to generate drive signals for a servoamplifier. Finally

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