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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LCIC-1106A   OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Data Input Modules The LCIC 1106A is a load-cell interface card for the IBM PC/AT and compatible computers. It will accept any type of strain gage based load cell. Each card can read one load measurement. The card will directly power up to six 350Ohm load cells wired in parallel. In fact, it is a completely...
LC509-100   Omegadyne, Inc. Force and Load Sensors The LC509 Series load cell is a unique combination of a high accuracy beam type load cell with an internal amplifier giving a high level dc voltage output. Applications include industrial weighing and automated batching operations where the interfacing controller requires an amplified voltage input...
TSA   MAGPOWR Signal Conditioners Maximum accuracy and ease of use in any web tension measurement application is now available with the new TSA Load Cell Amplifier. With exceptionally better drift and linearity performance over competitive units, the TSA is the choice when performance matters. It can measure tension in any moving...
BMKM219111 PLC Radwell Merrick Scale Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board LOAD CELL CONNECTION BOARD
PC16035K PLC Radwell Force Flow Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board LOAD CELL SENSOR BOARD AND ENCLOSURE FOR WIZARD

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  • Writing Your Own Software to Communicate with iLoad Digital USB Load Cells
    Software to Communicate with iLoad Digital USB Load cells and DQ-1000U. Telephone: 510-274-1872 Fax: 510-952-3700. (Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM PST). Contact Us. Home. Products. Load Cells. Displacement Sensors. Torque Sensors. Interfaces. Software. Accessories. Load Cell Calibration. Solutions. Brake Pedal
  • General Procedures For The Use of Load Cells
    temperature. However, the higher the power dissipation in the gages, the farther the gage temperature departs from the flexure temperature. Load Cell Introduction Part 8. Login | Cart | Interface Worldwide | Email Us | 480.948.5555. HOME. PRODUCTS. Load Cells / Force Sensors. Torque Sensors
  • Load Cell Application - Medical Bag
    . CALL US TODAY. +1 (949) 465-0900. Store. Solutions. Applications. Support. Forum. About Us. Applications ◄ Limit to Store Tips?. Load Cells Most commonly used in aerospace, medical, and automation measurement platforms, FUTEK's extensive load cell line has been utilized in testing
  • Remote Monitoring a Load Cell on a Crane Hoist
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the remote monitoring solution for a crane servicing company which needed to monitor a load cell located on the hoist of one of its cranes. The servicer also had a need for additional functionality--currently its personnel lacked a device to monitor its equipment
  • Load Cell Monitoring in a Tunnel Jacking Operation
    to excavate a tunnel in Quincy MA, near the Boston area. Workers needed to monitor the tunneling equipment by logging tensions (force) from load cells, hydraulic pressure, and movement of the support structure to document the effectiveness of this innovative process. Workers also needed to view
  • Load Cell System, Engineer Your Low Cost Plug & Play Solution
    . Application Note xxx Load Cell System – Engineering a Low-Cost Plug & Play Solution. Dr. Raymond Sepe Jr. Electro Standards Laboratories. The Field Engineers’ Challenges. Field service engineers require a variety of load cells spanning the different ranges needed to. calibrate their customers’ systems
  • Residual Load Testing of Anchor Bolts
    , but since the test was slated to run over several weeks, if this sample rate was continued throughout the test period, the sheer amount of data would make it hard to organize and analyze. Supervisors began looking for a data logger capable of monitoring load cell sensors with flexible schedule size
  • Fuel Cell Voltage Monitoring Considerations
    regardless of how many CVM modules are linked together. This allows the researcher to closely analyze any voltage anomalies during load transients, regardless of the number of cells being monitored. The third important aspect in measuring fuel cell voltages is accuracy. Accuracy, in conjunction